Remote Config

Update your live game content remotely and in real-time. Launch new features, test functionality, or make general modifications without requiring app updates or code changes.

Get started with the Verified Package now

Unity Remote Config is currently available as a Verified Package. To access it, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project inside of Unity
  2. Find the Package Manager (Window -> Package Manager)
  3. Type “remote” in the search box to find the Remote Config package 
  4. Links to documentation and change-logs are provided within the package.

Key benefits

With Remote Config, you get a unified solution that powers continuous delivery and enables real-time content tuning.

Dynamic configuration

Configure any content delivered to Unity’s runtime via native Editor workflows or programmatic access. 


Synchronous, stateless segmentation allows you to quickly roll out iterative game improvements, turn features on/off, and schedule personalized content delivery.

Sophisticated targeting

Assign variations of the app experience to specific app versions, devices, or user segments.

Deep insights

Understand and monitor the impact of different features and configurations using the analytics platform of your choice.

Optimize your player experience with Campaigns

Run A/B experiments that target specific player segments by using Campaigns, powered by Remote Config. Change the game difficulty, ad frequency, or general attributes to all players or a subset of players with no code changes or app updates.

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Learn more


Review the manual to help you get Remote Config up and running for your project.

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