Level up your programming with game programming patterns
Oct 20, 2023
Level up your programming with game programming patterns

For every software design issue you encounter, a thousand developers have been there before. Though you can’t always ask them directly for advice, you can learn from their decisions through design patterns.

By implementing common game programming design patterns in your Unity project, you can efficiently build and maintain a clean, organized, and readable codebase, which in turn, creates a solid foundation for scaling your game, development team, and business.

Our new e-book, Level up your code with game programming patterns, explains well-known design patterns and shares practical examples for using them in your Unity project. Written by internal and external Unity experts, the e-book is a resource that can help expand your developer’s toolbox and accelerate your project’s success.

Here are some of the topics we cover in the guide:

  • SOLID principles
  • Design patterns for game development
  • Factory, singleton, command, state, and observer patterns
  • Object pooling
  • Model View Presenter (MVP)

Download the e-book to review the examples, weigh pros and cons, and decide which design pattern best suits your project.