Experiment with the newest cinematics features in Unity, just like our playful character Mich-L does in this clever animated short film.

It’s showtime

Mich-L is a short cartoon made with Unity that uses every feature in the new set of Cinematics tools released for film, TV and animation storytellers. Watch just how much you can do with Unity – and how much fun you can have – using the tools right out of the box.

Behind Mich-L

Introducing Unity for Cinematics tools

Unity brings real-time workflows to animation content creators – speeding up traditional pipelines and giving artists, producers, and directors more opportunities for creative freedom, fast feedback, and artistic iteration on a flexible platform. With Unity, real-time production is a reality.

Step up cinematics creation with Sequences

In a linear animation, the story happens in a predictable order, so certain processes can be automated and steps eliminated. This is what Sequences does. Check out the video below to see how Sequences accelerates the creation of your cinematic while simultaneously keeping you organized and flexible.

Share your work with Recorder

Recorder allows you to export what’s on your Timeline in a wide variety of formats, from still images to videos, from final pixel to intermediates for comp or effects work. And Recorder supports the most requested formats for release, including ProRes and H.264, so you can send your creations off for your audience to enjoy.

Lights, Camera, Animation

Download the Mich-L sample project

This sample project features the short cartoon Mich-L, made by our friends at Plip! Animation. It pulls into one template the features that make creating cinematic content easier within the Unity Editor. You’ll get first-hand experience with features including Timeline, Sequences, Recorder, Alembic, FBX Exporter, Cinemachine, and more.

To install the project in Unity 2021.2.2 or above, open the Unity Hub and create a new project using the Cinematic Studio Template. Note that the Cinematic Studio Template is not supported in Unity 2021.2.1.

Mich-L — пример файла

See it in action

Watch the Cinematics demo

Get a close look at Unity’s short film project, Mich-L, made entirely with the new Cinematic Tools feature set. The Unity team will highlight new workflows for filmmakers such as Timeline, Sequences and Recorder, and interview the director of Mich-L, Michaël Bolufer, for a behind-the-scenes look at the Unity animation process.



Directed by
Michaël Bolufer

Written by
Michaël Bolufer & Mathieu Muller

Produced by
Thibault Noyer

PLIP ! Animation

Thibault Noyer

Michaël Bolufer

Studio Manette

Fabien Baboz
Michaël Bolufer
Thibault Noyer
Florian Thouret

Thibault Noyer

Technical Director
Philippe Chaubaroux

Lead Developer
Gabriel Malgouyard

Story Artist
Alban Rodriguez

Rig & Animation
Vincent Arcambal

2D Animation
Leane Dechristen

Layout Artist
Loric Garriguenc

Visual Effects
Quentin Bourgeois

CG Character Supervisor
Olivier Roos

CG Artists
Quentin Bourgeois
Loric Garriguenc
Hugo Roux

Art Direction
Michaël Bolufer
Quentin Bourgeois
Loric Garriguenc
Hugo Roux

Sound Design

Maxime Vatopoulos

Special thanks

Fabien Daphy
Marc Dutriez
Raphaelle Colin
Anna, Anouk, Audrey, Julie, Lila, Louise

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