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Unity platform roadmaps
Explore plans for the evolution of our platform, from features to functionality, and submit your feedback directly to the teams developing it.

View roadmap details and provide direct feedback

Feedback from our community is priceless, and we want your voice to be heard. That’s why we’re sharing our detailed plans in the following sections – to give you the opportunity to react and engage with the Unity team, so we can address your present and future needs.

All things 2D

Discover our plans for the 2D feature set, including 2D foundations, worldbuilding, animation, graphics, and physics.

3D Characters and Animation
3D characters and animation

See how we’re staying focused on 3D characters with our complete animation toolset.

3D World Building
3D worldbuilding

This space focuses on the various tools and workflows used to create amazing 3D levels and environments in Unity.


Learn more about the tools we’re building to help you create stunning XR (AR, VR, or MR) experiences.

Audio and video

Peruse our plans for audio and video workflows, alongside Unity’s evolving media framework.

DOTS Megacity

Find out how DOTS enables better performance at scale and tackles complexity in your projects.


Get the latest on what we’re doing to ensure a more efficient and adaptable Editor experience.


Take a look at our innovative tools tailored to software engineers.

Gameplay & UI Design

Get to know the tools involved in designing interactive experiences: Visual Scripting, input management, and Timeline.

Multiplayer Networking

Refine your multiplayer gaming experiences with this selection of tools we’re building.

Navigation & Game AI
Navigation and AI

Uncover our plans for the future of navigation and gameplay AI to breathe life into your interactive experiences.

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Explore plans for optimizing Unity and submit your feedback directly to the teams working on performance.

Pipeline & Integrations
Pipeline and integrations

Import assets and build pipeline integrations with third-party applications.


Learn more about the wide range of platforms compatible with Unity – from mobile and desktop to the latest consoles – so you can launch with confidence.

Rendering & Visual Effects
Rendering and visual effects

Peruse our upcoming graphics features and visual effects, and stay up to date with recent releases.

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UI systems

Stay up to date on the latest advancements in our tools and technologies for creating engaging graphical user interfaces.