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HyperBeard grows ARPDAU by 100% and boosts paid installs by 2x with ironSource LevelPlay
Mar 9, 2022
case study-hyperbeard-adorable-home

HyperBeard is the largest mobile game developer and publisher in Mexico whose motto is about making little games big. They specialize in cute, casual games including past hits like KleptoCats, Clawbert, and Tsuki Adventure. For their more recent title, Adorable Home, HyberBeard used ironSource LevelPlay to optimize both their monetization and UA strategies.

Hear from Alex Kozachenko, CEO of HyperBeard, about what it was like utilizing LevelPlay to improve their ad monetization and boost ARPDAU by 100% - along with working together closely with the ironSource team to improve creatives and using the ROAS optimizer to double their paid installs.

Getting into the growth loop of UA and monetization

We’re a small team, and our expertise lies more in producing games than growing them. Due to our small size, we’re running with a limited amount of resources and low bandwidth - we can’t devote too much time or operational overhead to manage both UA and monetization manually.

We were looking for a way to establish and optimize the growth loop of attracting high-quality users and monetizing them to drive more revenue - and to fill in our knowledge gaps so we could take what we learned and apply it to future titles. ironSource LevelPlay has continued to be a clear choice for a mediation platform that offers many features to help us grow both sides of our operation efficiently and easily.

Optimizing creatives and automating UA

Our goal was to optimize our UA strategy and start driving high-quality users at scale. We worked closely with the ironSource team to test and iterate on creatives, trying out many variations and building an efficient testing, analyzing, and optimizing process. Designing interactive end cards (IECs) for the first time also helped improve the performance of our winning video creatives.


With the support of the ironSource team, we found our winning creative set - it had an IPM over 26. At the same time, we ran with the ROAS optimizer, which automatically scaled our campaigns by identifying the best bid to acquire users across a wide range of sources. There were no manual adjustments needed - the tool identified apps with the highest-quality users, bid the right price, and automatically optimized toward the KPI we set. Using the optimizer, we were able to bid more efficiently and consistently exceeded our D7 ROAS goal while increasing paid installs by 2x.


Now that we were reaching high-quality users at scale, we turned our attention to optimizing our monetization strategy to maximize revenue from each user.

Building out a monetization strategy together to boost ARPDAU 100%

Together with the ironSource team, we built out our waterfalls, added networks, and implemented new ad placements. They helped us understand best practices and the reasoning behind each decision that went into building and optimizing our monetization strategy.

We started using their A/B testing tool - which was very easy to set up and manage - to see the impact of the team’s recommendations. For example, the tool let us analyze the impact of each change we made to our waterfall setup so we could confirm these variations were improving our KPIs before implementing them across all our traffic.

Within one week, we added three new ad networks and later, we integrated rewarded video and interstitial ad placements following the ironSource team’s recommendations. All of these improvements led to an increase in ARPDAU on iOS of 100%.


The ironSource team’s careful monitoring, open communication, and expert suggestions has helped us continue optimizing our monetization strategy. And we’re taking advantage of the many capabilities of LevelPlay to A/B test all of our changes, analyze performance, and manage our waterfalls easily and efficiently.

Empowered to continue improving

LevelPlay made it easy to improve our UA and built our monetization strategy from scratch - and the ironSource team was there for us every step of the way. They shared their knowledge with us, empowering us with the tools and information we need to now make optimizations on our own.

"The ironSource team shared their knowledge with us, empowering us with the tools and information we need to now make optimizations on our own."

- Alex Kozachenko, CEO of HyperBeard

ironSource’s mediation and their team has made it easy for us to achieve incredible results on both sides of our business - and to continue doing so into the future.