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Unity and Genvid: Running MILEs with ease

Create Massively Interactive Live Events (MILEs) to monetize streaming media and entertainment, and turn viewers into active participants.

Genvid SDK: Your route to a brand new audience

This device-agnostic toolset is free to download, so you can easily implement it and extend your interactive entertainment to new global audiences. Cloud-powered and infinitely scalable, the Genvid SDK and Unity plug-in offer new and profound possibilities for live events.

Genvid SDK

MILEs: Redefining interactive entertainment

Massively Interactive Live Events engage immersive audiences across just about any device, through an array of video streaming platforms. Rival Peak, the world’s first dedicated MILE, was produced by Genvid in partnership with Facebook. Made in Unity, it attracted over 100 million minutes of engagement time from participants all over the world.

Takaaki Ichijo, Founder, Throw the Warped Code Out

“As an indie, attracting and engaging stream audiences is important. Here’s a technology that not only increases enjoyment for those audiences, drives awareness and new players, but lets viewers be part of the game in ways that make it much more fun.”

Takaaki Ichijo, Founder, Throw the Warped Code Out
Dan White, Technical Director, Pipeworks Studios

“Interactive streaming is a complex feature that requires a number of technologies not normally needed for game development. We have used the Genvid SDK on several projects. It handled all our streaming needs and let us concentrate on the actual games.”

Dan White, Technical Director, Pipeworks Studios

What Genvid can do for you

The future of entertainment is interactive. Get involved and start hosting exciting new experiences with MILEs.

Connect interactive audiences

Create a livestream where millions of viewers become participants in your game.
Not only can they directly interact with your game, their actions will influence its final outcome.

Speed up development iteration

Genvid Unity plug-in and the standalone player let you rapidly iterate on your development for faster results.

Stream to your platform of choice

Supported by YouTube, Twitch, and other major streaming platforms coming soon, you can take your preferred path when it comes to social streaming.

Control your stack from within

The Genvid Editor plug-in lets you control your stack, without delay, within Unity.

Bask in the power of the cloud

With dedicated deployment for AWS and Azure, your MILE will stream directly from the cloud.

Leverage a full suite of support services

We can assist your project all the way from co-development to live ops.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started with Genvid?

Download the SDK, then get the Unity Tanks! sample from the Asset Store for guidance. You’ll be creating MILEs before you know it.

What are MILEs?

Massively Interactive Live Events are a brand new form of entertainment that enables developers to reach wider audiences with minimum overhead. They are cloud-based, interactive broadcast streams that can be experienced on any connected, video-capable device.

How much does it cost to run a MILE?

This depends on your needs and required number of users. There is typically a low flat fee of cents per unique user, though there is also the possibility of tailoring a business model to your needs. Please get in touch with the Genvid team to discuss the details at

Are MILEs just for streamers?

No. MILEs are streamed live, but the Genvid SDK isn’t designed for use by individual streamers. While there are possible uses of Genvid SDK by individual content creators, the toolkit primarily services teams looking to run commercial operations.

Where can I get advice on how to make a MILE?

You can find more information in the Genvid documentation, on AnswerHub, or by getting in touch at Otherwise, please feel free to join the developer Discord here.

Where can I get more information about Genvid?

Check the Genvid FAQs page to learn more about the product!

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