Bring highly configurable products to life in 3D

By combining leading configuration technology with 3D visualization, manufacturers bring their products to life while reducing the time from product design to sales and manufacturing by 92%.

Faster innovation, fewer iterations, 3D visualization

Configit unifies functions and data into a cohesive, streamlined, accessible single source of truth for complex product configurations. Together, Unity and Configit accelerate innovation and reduce iterations, enabling an immersive 3D experience for customers.

Unity and Configit

Advanced visual configuration via Virtual Tabulation® technology

Advanced visual configuration

Via Virtual Tabulation® technology, every business function that touches configurable products is aligned to a single source of configuration truth, so companies can define a master set of configuration data and rules for use across the enterprise.

Key benefits

Configure the digital twin of your physical product

Build 3D product visualizations that respond to changes in real-time. Based on a single source of configuration truth, these interactive models display the exact product – a digital twin – so you can authenticate your design before production.

Get to market faster

Decrease time to market of configurable products by up to 92%. Aligning engineering, sales, manufacturing and service functions speeds up production, automating and accelerating the go-to-market process.

Reduce configuration errors

A single source of configuration truth for every function in your organization results in an error-free process, without unnecessary checks and balances. Virtual Tabulation® technology makes writing configuration rules easier, reducing errors.

Enable a truly seamless configuration lifecycle

Connecting functions, systems, and business processes in one configuration platform enables manufacturers to quickly adapt to changing market needs by handling more products with up to 90% less effort and accelerating sales process by up to 80%.

Transform your end-to-end configuration process

By aligning your product configuration data across the enterprise you can respond faster to change by rapidly deploying accurate product configuration data to every business function, reducing time from product design to sales to manufacturing from months to weeks.

A single, unified configuration platform

Get new, customizable product models to market faster, while saving costs, by using a single integrated configuration platform across all channels. Configit’s intuitive, flexible rule authoring, built-in quality testing and collaborative workflow ensure your entire organization is aligned.

Frequently asked questions

What is Configuration Lifecycle Management?

Configuration Lifecycle Management aligns every business function that touches configured products – from engineering and sales, to manufacturing and service – to one single source of configuration truth.

How is Virtual Tabulation® different?

Virtual Tabulation® is the only configuration technology that compiles every possible product configuration within your entire product portfolio. Virtual Tabulation® takes these millions of product combinations and compresses them into a compact, portable file. Because all calculations have already been performed, selections made during the configuration process are simply look-ups, rather than recalculations. The result is faster quotes, more sales and zero errors.

Why do I need a single source of truth for my product configuration data?

Manufacturers often struggle to manage product modeling configuration rules due to volume, constraints and complexity in general. By placing the product configuration data at the heart of the enterprise and aligning it across the enterprise to create a single source of truth, businesses respond faster to change by deploying fast, accurate product configuration data to every relevant business function.

How does Configuration Lifecycle Management empower engineers?

Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a powerful set of tools that enhances your existing product lifecycle management (PLM) to manage the complexity in defining, managing, and analyzing product configuration rules at scale. CLM reduces modeling time by 95%, enables you to manage more products with the same resources (90% less effort) and smooths the transition from Engineer-to-Order to Configure-to-Order manufacturing – with fewer manual processes and no errors.

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