Industry-leading tools that work with Unity

Build better and faster. Verified Solutions are third-party software and hardware solutions, as well as scalable workflows that meet Unity’s highest quality and compatibility standards.

Solutions you can depend on for every project

When you’re looking to build the best, we want to ensure you have access to the best. With Verified Solutions, you can trust that your third-party tools and SDKs have been vetted for quality and compatibility, reliable long-term support, and the ability to access enterprise and custom solutions.

Verified Solutions

Endorsed by Unity

From SDKs and plug-ins to editor apps and cloud services, our Verified Solutions are selected to drive stellar results.

Thoroughly reviewed

All Verified Solutions undergo a rigorous review process performed by Unity’s Release Quality Assurance Engineers to ensure that they meet Unity’s highest standards for quality and usability.

Compatible with the latest releases

All Verified Solutions are verified and compatible with the latest and most commonly used Unity releases, for smooth updates and integrations that won’t break your project.

Long-term dependability

Verified Solutions are supported by businesses with longevity. Publish and share your creations built with tools from providers who have similar long-term ambitions.

Scalable and custom solutions

Verified Solutions are vetted for quality and scalability to suit even enterprise customers, and many can customize their offerings to fit users’ unique needs.

Made to match your ambitions


Find out how Verified Solutions can level up your game creation and operation – from concept and commercialization to productivity, cloud infrastructure, and beyond.


Explore top-tier immersive technology solutions that can transform your vision for new innovations and infrastructure into reality – across automotive, manufacturing, and more.

Apply to become a Verified Solutions provider

Join the expansive Unity ecosystem and discover new possibilities.


Check out the latest blogs, creator stories, and news from Verified Solutions.

Simplify game error reporting

Automate the collection and analysis of crash and exception reports to quickly resolve issues and allocate your resources, cutting time spent on gameplay tasks in half.

Technical verification for Verified Solutions

Verified Solutions take the guesswork out of choosing dependable third-party solutions. Learn more about how we ensure technical compatibility and quality assurance.

Advanced optimization across industries

Customers across industries such as AEC, manufacturing, and infrastructure can benefit from new functionalities that combine advanced optimization with improved interoperability.

A new Prespective for digital twin

Built on top of Unity, Prespective offers a fresh approach for creating a digital twin, or the virtual equivalent of a system, plugged into the same controller logic.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if a tool is verified?

All Verified Solutions have a badge next to the company name or alongside the Asset Store listing. This badge confirms that they have been technically verified, meaning that their solution is up to the quality and performance standards that Unity has for all Verified Solutions.

Are Verified Solutions more expensive?

All Verified Solutions offer the same or cheaper prices for Unity developers through this program. There is no additional fee to Unity developers for using a Verified Solution.

What happens if a VS doesn’t work for my team?

All Verified Solutions come with customer guidance and email support, and the providers are committed to offer timely and reliable service.

Are Verified Solutions and the Asset Store different?

The Asset Store is a digital storefront where you can discover and purchase assets that are created by third parties for use in Unity. Verified Solutions are also found in the Asset Store. They are marked with the Verified Solutions check mark and have undergone more rigorous technical verification to provide a quality experience.

Are VS and Asset Store publishers different?

Verified Solutions are considered distinguished Asset Store publishers due to the verification process. Most of the time, Verified Solutions are SDKs or Unity plug-ins that offer a service. Typically, you pay VS providers for their solutions by creating an account with them directly, and pay publishers through the Asset Store.

What does it mean to be Verified?

To be Verified, Unity developers run anywhere from 50 to several hundred tests per solution to ensure there are no Major or Critical issues. We’re testing against the current Unity Tech Stream as well as the two LTS versions. The Verification badge is only offered if all tests are passed on all supported versions with no Major or Critical issues.

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