Mercedes-Benz AG: Building next-generation car experiences
Jan 5, 2024

Mercedes-Benz AG: Unite 2023 Industry Executive Summit

James Liu, Director MB.OS Customer Experience and Design, shares the journey behind Mercedes-Benz AG’s mission to elevate in-car automotive experiences. Discover:

  • What drives Mercedes-Benz AG in this mission
  • Why they selected Unity as their technology partner
  • What they’ve achieved, and the role that Unity played
  • A sneak peek at the next steps for Mercedes-Benz AG

This presentation was recorded at the Unite Industry Executive Summit, November 2023.

“It really shows Unity’s investment in the automotive sector; they knew exactly what we wanted. They were able to deliver with low resource impact and meet all of our benchmarks. At the end of the day there was almost no other choice than for us to go with Unity.”
JAMES LIU / MERCEDES-BENZ AGDirector MB.OS Customer Experience and Design
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