Unite 2021

Unite 将全球的创作者社区聚集在一起,促进交流、启发灵感和了解新知识。找到与你志趣相投的创作者,收集见解、分享知识和建立联系。通过我们的社交网络活动和空间从他人和项目获得启发,在博览会上发现新技术,并在一个地方与合作伙伴联系。通过现场和按需会议以及主题演讲进行学习,这些会议和演讲充满了灵感、可行的工作流程和具体技巧,将为你使用 Unity 取得成功奠定基础,或让你的技能更上一层楼。

Unite Copenhagen

Unite 2022

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has given us an opportunity to redesign our live events. We are planning to innovate and deliver an improved experience for all our creators. Our plan for Unite is to create a moment that is inspirational, educational, and connected – the moment to look forward to all year.

A new Unite

Since the global pandemic continues to unfold, the safety of our community and staff is paramount. Our hope is to host a Unite conference in-person this fall. Our focus will be bringing people together to learn, network, have fun, and do business in a safe and inclusive environment. We will run a digital event experience in parallel for those who would prefer to participate online.

Unite 是什么?

Why attend?

Unite brings together a global community of creators to connect, get inspired, and learn.


Connect with like-minded creators as you gather insights, share knowledge, and build your network.


Learn with live and on-demand sessions and keynotes packed with inspiration, time-saving workflows, and valuable tips that will take your creative skills to the next level.

Get inspired

Get inspired by people and projects through our immersive networking experiences, discover new technology, and leave with the tools you need to uplevel your creative journey.


Unity 走遍全球,为你提供最新的工具和知识。查找你附近的办事处。

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