How do you put cool game ideas into production fast, turning a creative spark into a foundry? With his team of five, Gameloft Montreal’s Director of Gameplay, Renaud Forestié, listens to game ideas and quickly assembles tangible, working versions that stakeholders can play and evaluate. The team uses Unity to bring multiple game ideas to life, letting the best rise to the top for final development, publishing, and marketing.

Founded in 1999 by a co-founder of Ubisoft, Gameloft has grown from developing games for Java- and Brew-enabled handsets to being a major mobile-game provider with over 2.5-million downloads daily. Their studios span six continents, and their hundreds of well-known titles range from Asphalt and Modern Combat to the tycoon hit Disney Magic Kingdoms.















  • 用于玩家测试的高功能初始版本
  • 快速了解游戏的技术可行性
  • 快速淘汰薄弱构思的工具集和环境
  • 源源不断的经过测试的且可用于生产的游戏概念


Forestié’s career and personality are a good fit for his quick-moving role at Gameloft. After university, he worked as a web programmer and art director, developed Flash skills, and moved into UI/UX work at several startups. However, it wasn’t his passion: “Doing apps for startups was not really my thing. I get satisfaction from quickly creating something that reflects exactly what I have in mind.” He found a tutorial online, taught himself Unity, and brought his coding, art, and UI/UX skills to bear on games.

“Growing up, I loved playing with Lego, video games, and did a lot of drawing. Now I’m combining these interests – designing basic game elements, assembling ‘building blocks’ with Unity and making games. It’s the perfect job.” His UX experience is a strong influence at Gameloft, where he focuses on the player. That’s one of the reasons why his team puts so much effort into creating builds with an authentic game feel. “We want to build for the player first, and if a player has a good experience, then chances are we’ll get good retention and good numbers.”

He acknowledges that rapid game iteration isn’t for everyone. Most projects don’t move beyond initial evaluations, and that can be disappointing. However, good ones do make it through. He added, “With experimentation, sometimes there’s serendipity – finding out things that we just didn’t know or expect. That’s really fun.”






他还认为游戏创作是一个很好的测试场所;在多数游戏创作平台中,Unity是他最喜欢的工具。“我喜欢游戏创作的一个点在于当玩家在YouTube上点击‘Let’s Play’时。我会见到从不认识、从未有过关联的人玩着游戏并说着,‘呃,我好像应该走这道门,我应该捡这个技能’。我觉得这太酷了。”


The Unity Asset Store has been an important resource for Gameloft, offering everything from characters, environments, and music to billing add-ons and localization tools. “Whenever we need something off-the-shelf, it’s probably for sale or available for free in the Asset Store,” said Forestié. For example, Cinemachine, which is free, is a unified, procedural system for in-game cameras that can cinematically track and compose a defined target. “Cinemachine is an asset I use a lot and that I love. It really helps with all our camera stuff, having a zoom, having a screen shake, just the ‘noise’ that you get natively with Cinemachine is amazing.” ProBuilder – which was initially on the Asset Store but as of Unity 2018 is a built-in feature – is a key asset that the team uses for 3D modeling.

Another vital resource for them is the Unity developer community. “When we’re stuck with something difficult, I know someone else in the world has solved this problem, and I just have to Google it.” He also spends a lot of time on Twitter. “People share amazing Unity tips and tricks there, so I’d say it’s one of my first sources of information.” Forestié often points other developers to the Learn section of the Unity website, and with new releases, goes to the tutorials. “That’s where I learned most of what I know,” he said.

Finally, with its ability to quickly publish to virtually any platform, an innovative and diverse feature set, and the ease with which teams can collaborate, Unity has become the workhorse development tool for Forestié and his game-designer colleagues at Gameloft. His team’s rapid productivity with Unity has not gone unnoticed – rumor has it that Gameloft will create its first full-production Unity game next year.


Renaud Forestié在洛杉矶Unite大会上向满座观众分享Gameloft团队创建的原型作品。观看他的演讲。

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