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Road to the Metaverse, Executive Series, Episode 3: Building successful brands in the metaverse
Aug 26, 2022

Unity’s VP of professional services, Ryan Peterson, is joined by Tim Dillon, SVP of Real-Time and Virtual Worlds at Media.Monks, in Episode 3 of our Road to the metaverse series.

Here’s a sneak peek at what they covered:

  • How Media.Monks is helping clients build immersive worlds
  • Why large consumer brands and creative agencies are pivoting to metaverse strategies
  • Leveraging real-time 3D technology to build powerful brands
  • B2C branding in the metaverse: what, why, and how

For more information on the Media.Monks use case or to request time with our Unity experts to find out how a digital twin could benefit your facility, please reach out.

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Meet your hosts

RYAN PETERSON / UNITYVP of Accelerate Solutions

Ryan leads Unity’s professional services group, Accelerate Solutions. The Accelerate Solutions team offers bespoke consulting and development services to a broad range of industries from game and film studios to energy, retail, and manufacturing companies. Ryan has over 25 years of experience in consulting and business development. He was the CEO of Finger Foods Advanced Technology Group, a digital transformation company acquired by Unity in 2020.

TIM DILLON / MEDIA.MONKSSenior Vice President, Real-Time & Virtual Worlds

Tim has spent two decades exploring the areas of interactivity, immersive content, emerging tech, design, animation and digital media and how they intersect with consumer brands. Having worked on a long list of notable projects with some of Hollywood’s most elite artists and with some of the world’s biggest brands, Tim is an advocate for the immersive power of mixed reality and building Web3.

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