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3D to Real-time 3D: Improve Workflows & Productivity in Unity
Jan 6, 2021

Learn how to import CAD, BIM and point cloud data into Unity Pro using Pixyz Plugin. Get best practices for saving time and automating workflows as you create and deploy interactive 3D applications to devices like HoloLens 2.

Assets used by Section

  1. Pixyz Demo Brakes
  2. Same as #1
  3. Small point cloud
    Provided by Pixyz team, source TBD
  4. Large Point Cloud
  5. Direct Download - St. Sulpice
  6. 3D Model LODs
    Forklift Truck by Miloš Šuvakov
  7. Point Cloud LOD
    1982 Porsche 911 - SiteScape 3D Scan
  8. 3D Model Colliders
    Lifting Eye Bolt by Saiful Islam Sagor
  9. Point Clouds Collider
    1982 Porsche 911 - SiteScape 3D Scan
  10. AxF Material
  11. Revit Import
  12. Revit Samples
  13. Direct Download - RAC Basic Sample
  14. CAD to XR
    IFAV Forklift Truck by Tianyu Yuan

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