The Rare Impact Challenge

Unity Social Impact has partnered with Rare Beauty’s Rare Impact to underscore technology’s potential to offer a fresh perspective on the challenges and treatment of mental health issues. We’ve created the Unity for Humanity Rare Impact Challenge to support creators whose work addresses mental health and wellbeing.

The Challenge ends January 15, 2021. Winners will be announced in May 2021.


Changing attitudes and access for mental health

Creators are changemakers. This is why Unity and Rare Impact have partnered to support creators who are developing immersive experiences designed to address themes of mental health and wellbeing, especially in underserved communities.

The work that real-time 3D creators produce can make a profound and meaningful difference. With this challenge, we hope to support these projects and amplify their effect.

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Challenge details

If you are a creator working on a Unity project in mental health and wellbeing, submit your work for your chance to win funding for your project, as well as technical and marketing support from Unity experts.

Submissions will be accepted from November 16, 2020 and will close on January 15, 2021. Winner(s) of the challenge will be notified in early 2021 and announced in May of 2021.

For more information, please see the FAQ for the Rare Impact Challenge below.

Keep creating meaningful change.

The Rare Impact Challenge FAQ

What type of projects are eligible to apply?

Project(s) eligible for submission must be a prototype or project in any stage of production. The Rare Beauty Challenge accepts any genre of project that uses Unity as its sole real-time 3D development platform.

All projects must encompass themes of mental health and wellbeing, with a focus on underserved communities.

Are there any countries and territories prohibited from applying?

You may only apply if you are NOT a resident of the Crimea region of the Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria, due to U.S. Export Regulations (and any other regions or countries prohibited under the U.S. Export Regulations);

You are NOT on any U.S. Exportation Regulation prohibited list;

You are NOT a resident of Quebec, Canada; Brazil; or Italy.*

*Due to the different gambling rules and regulations, the Official Rules of this Challenge is not applicable, thus participation in this Challenge may be considered illegal for residents of these jurisdictions.


What criteria do you use to select which projects to partner with?
  • CATEGORY 1: Theme: The project is designed to address mental health and wellbeing with a focus on underserved communities.
  • CATEGORY 2: Innovation and accessibility: How is the project accessible to target communities and audiences? Does the project feature a technical achievement in Unity? Does it use Unity in a unique way?
  • CATEGORY 3: Communication and awareness: Does the project have a clear marketing and distribution plan to go to market or to reach the project's goals? How will the project leverage networks and channels to reach intended users and create awareness?
  • CATEGORY 4: Collaboration and connection: How will the project leverage partnerships (if any) or collaborations in order to reach the communities it aims to benefit and achieve the project’s goals? How is the team connected to the community?  
  • CATEGORY 5: Impact and Inclusion: Does the project have impact goals or calls to action for intended communities and audiences around mental health and wellbeing? Does the project focus on underserved communities? Is there a clear plan to reach these goals? 
  • CATEGORY 6: Viability: Does the team have a realistic plan of execution for the production? Does it have a realistic and achievable budget and schedule? How does the team intend to use the Prize funds, if selected as one of the Winners?
What languages are projects to be submitted in?

All projects must be submitted in English. We work with creators with varying levels of English ability.

What materials are needed to apply?

Creators must fill out the application form provided through the submission portal and upload a pitch deck (in PDF format), as well as a video clip showcasing the project and/or a video trailer (MP4).

Please make sure the pitch deck includes: 

  • Information about the team and company (with consent from each teammate)
  • A production budget with a plan for use of Unity funding (if received)
  • Information on any partners attached to the project
  • A production timeline, distribution timeline and detailed distribution plan
  • A description of how the project addresses mental health and wellness for underserved communities and the project’s impact goals or calls to action (if any) 
Who are the judges?

Projects will be selected by Unity staff, employees and/or representatives internally, including the Unity for Humanity Program team members for the initial selection, employees from across teams and verticals, and a final committee of judges from Unity and Rare Beauty for the final selection of the two winners.

I’ve submitted my in production work via the portal. What do I do now?

No further action is required. You should have received a confirmation email indicating that the project has been received. We review all projects submitted, and applicants will be notified when the committee has made their selection. The Rare Impact Challenge winner(s)will receive notification in Q2 2021, and winner(s) will be announced on our website in May of 2021.

Only “selected” applicants will be notified, with additional documentation required to be complete, and there is no guaranteed volume of selections.

Thank you for submitting!

How can I contact someone directly for information about the Rare Impact Challenge?

For more information about the Rare Impact challenge, email ( with “Rare Impact Challenge” in the subject line.

What do the selected projects receive?

Selected projects for the Rare Impact challenge will receive 25,000 USD in production funding as well as technical support from Unity.

We will select two winners.

Create impact, create change.

The Unity for Humanity Program 

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