Professional Services: Reflect Accelerator

Advance your Unity Reflect projects and boost productivity in this four-day sprint with a Unity engineer providing hands-on guidance for your specific needs and workflows.

Accelerate your Unity Reflect development

Accelerate your Unity Reflect development

Unity engineers can help you build real-time 3D applications by providing expert analysis, architectural planning, and prototyping. Sample projects could include bringing BIM data to the job site in AR to better visualize construction activities, simulating a construction project, or performing real-time design reviews with clients in AR and VR.

Customize your Reflect Accelerator

Customize your Reflect Accelerator

The Unity Reflect Accelerator can be customized to fit your company’s specific needs – whether you’re in architecture, manufacturing or construction, Unity engineers will consult with you and address your specific challenges.

Adam Chernick, R&D Lead for AR/VR, SHoP Architects

“Visualizing projects in the HoloLens and other augmented reality platforms is becoming increasingly important in our industry. Unity Reflect is great because it gives design teams the ability to make changes and see those reflected instantly on-site in AR.”

Adam Chernick, R&D Lead for AR/VR, SHoP Architects

Key benefits

Rapid development

Gain a solid foundation in Unity Reflect and use that to rapidly develop custom applications and features.

Unity Reflect best practices

Through the in-depth, hands-on experience you have with a Unity expert, you’ll learn best methods and what to avoid.

Actionable next steps

After the Unity expert leaves, you’ll be set up for success, with actionable next steps to help you make solid progress on your project.

Case study: Read how we helped this 3D software company

Marxent teamed with Unity Professional Services to optimize their WebGL retail apps and time to market.

Interested in other Professional Services offerings?

Professional Services gives you access to Unity experts at any stage of production, so you can fully leverage proven best practices from start to finish. Solutions are tailored to your organization to help you reduce risk and accelerate development.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if this is the right product for me?

Because the needs of all customers are different, we recommend that before purchasing this online, you first reach out to our Sales teams who can provide you with more details on what this product includes and whether there might be another product that’s a better fit for you.

Once I’ve bought this, what can I expect next?

Once you’ve purchased the product, you will get an email confirming your purchase and letting you know next steps. Typically, someone from our Professional Services team will reach out to you within several business days to discuss your specific needs and to get you on their schedule.

I have a deadline approaching. How soon can I get this scheduled?

This is the purpose of the first call that the Professional Services team will have with you once you’ve purchased the product, or beforehand if you reach out to our Sales team first. Because every customer’s project is unique, we will look at our available resources to find the right fit for your project. That sometimes means that the project can’t be kicked off for a month or longer.

Why can’t my project be started immediately?

In some cases, we can start your project shortly after purchasing, however it depends on our having the right resources available at the right time to meet your specific needs. If you have a critical deadline, we recommend contacting our Sales team first, so that we can align on a specific delivery date for you, prior to purchasing.

Will the Reflect Accelerator include everything that’s listed here?

The Reflect Accelerator is designed for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries and can be customized for your business. Once you’ve begun discussions with Professional Services, they will work with you to understand your specific needs.

Do you offer onsite services during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Unity takes the health of our employees and customers very seriously. For that reason, we are not traveling to visit customers until the pandemic is over. In lieu of this, we are continuing to offer all of our products and services virtually, with the same level of attention and success we’ve had onsite.

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