The Adjust platform includes measurement, cybersecurity, fraud prevention, and campaign automation products. It makes marketing simpler, smarter and more secure to empower data-driven professionals.

Enhance the user experience with powerful in-app analytics

Adjust allows you to discover hourly data trends and gain insights about your users’ preferences to drive growth and deliver an exceptional in-app experience. 

Using methods that are industry approved, transparent, customizable and accurate, this anti-fraud solution ensures data quality and protects your ad budget.

Safeguard your budget, data, app experience and brand

Bots defraud about 10% of in-app revenue. The Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite proactively stops performance fraud from draining your ad budgets and ruining your data sets. 

Using AI and machine-learning technologies, Adjust protects your user community and virtual currency economy from cheaters.

Spend less time optimizing and more time getting creative

Understanding who your best users are and where they come from requires time and creativity. Adjust Automate allows you to gain deeper insights into your app with ease and efficiency.

All your campaign data is unified into a single dashboard, enabling you to fully automate processes and focus resources on what matters most.

Optimized and verified for Unity

Adjust is a Verified Solutions Partner, which means that Adjust has been authenticated by Unity to ensure that its SDK is optimized for the latest version of the Unity Editor and provides a seamless experience for Unity developers.

Andrew French, Chief Operating Officer, Coda

“Any game lives or dies by the quality of the creative and the ability to tell that story to the consumer. So, having the ability to automate parts of our optimization frees up hours per week to look at creative improvements.”

Andrew French, Chief Operating Officer, Coda
Vivian Wang, Former Senior Marketing Manager, Elex

“We can track interactions in our app in real-time to see how our users engage over their full lifetime. We can define our own events, drill down into each user segment, and export data."

Vivian Wang, Former Senior Marketing Manager, Elex
Paula Neves, Chief Marketing Officer, Gazeus

“We needed to build an entire structure to collect user-level data and Adjust already did that for us.”

Paula Neves, Chief Marketing Officer, Gazeus
Elena Vinokurova, Marketing Manager, MyTona

“The Adjust Fraud Protection Suite helped us make correct decisions based purely on correct install data.”

Elena Vinokurova, Marketing Manager, MyTona

Key benefits

Privacy first

Built with your security in mind, Adjust protects your data from third-party interceptions. Trusted by over 40K apps worldwide, Adjust is ePrivacyseal certified and follows the strictest data privacy laws in the world.

Monitor all attributions

Mobile attribution ties each user to the ad they interact with, giving you full transparency for your media performance across multiple advertising channels, including mobile, mobile web, in-app, TV, over-the-top (OTT) and organic.

Track your KPIs

Monitor your business and measure the performance of all your marketing campaigns in one platform. Use the dashboard and create custom reports to track metrics and gain insights quickly.

Analyze and segment users

Drill into granular app user data from retention, feature usage, in-app events, and more, all tied to the install day and source. Create custom segments and easily pass them on to your advertising partners.

Prevent fraud

Identify fraudulent channels and save money by adjusting your marketing mix. Use state-of-the-art bot detection technology to shield real users from cheaters. Keep your data clean and the in-app experience enjoyable.

Export user-level data

Adjust makes it easy to send raw, user-level data to your servers or cloud storage provider. This allows you to build your own database and recall data without ever having to request logs.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a setup fee?

No. There are no hidden fees.

Is Adjust GDPR and ePrivacy compliant?

Yes. Adjust follows the strictest European privacy laws and is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Regulation.

How hard is it to switch from my attribution provider to Adjust?

It’s easy. Dedicated support professionals have helped migrate hundreds of apps to Adjust. Your historical data can be imported too, so you won’t be starting with a blank slate.

How hard is it to get set up with a new advertising partner?

You’ll be set up to work with over a thousand advertising partners in just a few clicks. Don’t see your preferred partner? You can bring them on board.

How does pricing work?

Adjust’s pricing is based on install volume as well as features. For more information, contact Adjust.

Why should my company switch to Adjust?

Adjust lets you do more with data. German-engineered, Adjust provides top security and flexibility. There are never any hidden costs to hold you back, only tools to help you take your marketing further.

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