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Transform your business by providing high-quality training to Unity creators in your region.

Who are Unity Training Partners?

Unity Training Partners (UTPs) foster the development of the next generation of real-time 3D creators by offering skill development and practical, hands-on Unity training. Located across the globe, UTPs provide physical training facilities with instructors who are passionate about sharing their expertise and preparing learners for a wide variety of in-demand roles.

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Program benefits

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Business growth acceleration

Increase your brand recognition and business growth worldwide through an expanded presence in new markets and verticals. As a Unity Training Partner, you'll gain access to growth strategies and business planning support, and be featured as a regional training provider in our online partner directory.

Marketing support and enablement

Every Unity Training Partner has a unique approach to creating content and reaching new learners. Our team offers tailored marketing enablement and support to help you build your business and reach your goals faster.

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Unity Certified Instructor Train-the-Trainer

There is always room to grow. Improve your team’s skills, teaching practices, and brand integrity by certifying your instructors through Unity’s Train-the-Trainer program. With the help of Unity Certified Instructors (UCIs), you can set your team up for success and be ready to deliver effective training to future creators.

Product and sales enablement

With access to high-quality resources like sales decks and on-demand enablement sessions, plus assistance from Unity experts, you and your team will stay market-ready and fully equipped to train the next generation of creators.

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Noboru Oki, Professor, Digital Hollywood

“I encourage both students and instructors to stay up-to-date with Unity’s official teaching materials. Students benefit by working towards Unity certifications, and instructors can receive badges to further their qualifications and stay market-ready.”

Noboru Oki, Professor, Digital Hollywood
Lou Pushelberg, Cofounder, Circuit Stream

“We're working hard to close the gap between industry and qualified job-seekers. We see great potential in real-time 3D, and being a UTP helps us deliver Unity certification and training, empowering learners with the skills and credentials for success.”

Lou Pushelberg, Cofounder, Circuit Stream
Paulo Protasio, Director, ETC Brasil

“Partnering with the Unity Training Program is instrumental to catalyze our learners’ success by helping them to upskill and promote their career readiness through Unity Certification.”

Paulo Protasio, Director, ETC Brasil
Perri Lewis, Cofounder and CEO, Mastered

“We joined the UTP program to ensure creators access the most up-to-date Unity content. Now we can get creators job-ready, adapt bootcamps in real time, and offer learners professional certification – opening doors for them in numerous industries.”

Perri Lewis, Cofounder and CEO, Mastered

Find a Unity Training Partner

Unity Training Partners are teaching skills for immersive creation in all corners of the globe. As organizations that have met standards of excellence, Training Partners are authorized to offer training courses and Unity Certification Exams on behalf of Unity.

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Want to offer Unity Certification exams too?

You can become authorized to offer Unity Expert Certification exams for Game Developer, Technical Artists: Rigging & Animation, and Technical Artists: Shading & Effects by joining the Pearson VUE network.

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Become a Unity Certified Instructor

The Unity Certified Instructor program recognizes leaders in the learning and training content delivery area for Unity. By joining this exclusive community, you’ll be supported in your professional growth and enabled to train cohorts either as part of your own business or in partnership with Unity.

Interested in becoming a Unity Training Partner?

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