Let them watch – the way you want them to

The Cinecast interactive streaming platform is changing the way fans watch, share and interact with games.

Any player, from any angle

Gone are the days of watching a single player from one perspective. With Cinecast, your fans can watch anyone, from any angle they choose.

Cinecast at any angle

Cinecast timeline

Move through time

Our unique recording system allows viewers to scrub forward or backward along a timeline and instantly access any moment in time of a game session, or just watch the highlights.

Spielberg would be proud

Our AI-driven Cinemachine cameras are inspired by film-quality director rules – they know what to watch and how to frame it – so your viewers will never see an awkward pan behind a wall or a cut to nothingness.

Cinecast Ai-driven

Cinecast triggers

Bidirectional, by design

Cinecast isn’t just about watching – it’s about taking part in the action. Our platform allows viewers to trigger events in the game world and have a direct impact on the experience of your players. Incoming loot drop!

Platform benefits

The Cinecast platform has been designed from the ground up with developers in mind.

Backward-compatible, always

Want to rewatch your best match ever from months ago? No problem. Whether your replay is instant or months later, Cinecast supports rewatching games from multiple angles.

Minimal impact on gameplay

Cinecast spectators aren’t connected to your game servers, so your players won’t have to suffer bandwidth and performance issues just because your game is fun to watch.

Independent, infinite scalability

Whether your game runs as a 4-player P2P setup or a massive 100-player battle royale, any number can spectate. We’ll handle the scale while you worry about your game.

Deep analytical capability

We record everything, which means we can see everything your players do. We can help you get the best out of your game designers using real gameplay trends.

Want to play in the big leagues?

A slick spectator mode is essential to the success of any competitive multiplayer game. Cinecast empowers every Unity developer to build film-quality interactive experiences for viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Cinecast is available to any Unity developer completely free.

How long does it take to integrate?

Cinecast features are built in tiers, so it’s up to you how complex you want your spectator experience to be. Want just recording and playback? We can get that done in days.

How does it scale with my existing multiplayer infrastructure?

It doesn’t need to. Viewers are not connected to your game servers, so just keep doing what you’re doing.

How many cameras can I have in my experience?

Thousands, literally. With the power of Unity’s Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS), we’ve built a cutting-edge camera system that allows us to pack more cameras than you could ever need into your scenes – all with practically zero impact on performance.

How do the cameras know what to look at or what the best shots are?

Our Story Manager allows developers to define events that they want to track in the platform. As your game plays, our SDK uses these events to calculate which objects are the most and least interesting, and then tells our cameras what to look at. The rest is handled by a complex set of director camera rules that evaluate shot quality.

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