SLAs for Unity Simulation Services

Last updated May 18, 2021

Each of the following SLAs apply to the service named in that SLA. If a service is not named in an SLA, that service is not subject to that SLA.

1. SLA for USim and ML-Agents Cloud


During the Term of the agreement under which Unity has agreed to provide USim to you (as applicable, the "Agreement"), Unity will use commercially reasonable efforts toensure that USim is Available with a Monthly Uptime Percentage of at least 98.0% (the “Service Level Objective,” or “SLO”).

If Unity does not meet the SLO, and if you meet your obligations under this Service Level Agreement, you will be eligible to receive the Service Credits described below. This Service Level Agreement states your sole and exclusive remedy for any failure by Unity to meet the SLO.


This Service Level Agreement does not apply to any unavailability or performance issues that are derived from: (i) periods of scheduled maintenance as set forth below; (ii) periods of force majeure, denial of service attacks, hacking attacks, loss of functionality due to a failure in Customer's network or service offering or a third-party network or service offering which affects a customer’s access to Unity Simulation; and (iii) any failure due to Customer’s action or inaction. The aforementioned conditions (i, ii and iii) shall not qualify as downtime and will not be counted for purposes of calculating Availability.

Scheduled Maintenance.

Unity uses commercially reasonable efforts to performservice maintenance impacting USim during maintenance windows and, as a result, does not have a regular maintenance schedule. In the event that this is not possible, Unity will use reasonable efforts to notify you via email at least five (5) business days in advance of any scheduled maintenance. Unity will work with you to schedule the maintenance during times of low usage of USim.

Service Credits.

Monthly uptime percentage: Less than 98%

Service Credits: 100% of storage costs for duration of outage

In order to receive service credits outlined above, you must notify within 30 days from time of eligibility. You must include the following in your notice: (i) “SLA Service Credits” in the subject title; (ii) dates and times of service outages being claimed; (iii) applicable service logs indicating service outages. If Monthly Uptime Percentage is less than the applicable Service Commitment, and confirmed by Unity, a Service Credit will be issued. Failure to comply with aforementioned conditions (i, ii and iii) shall result in disqualification of receiving Service Credits.


Capitalized terms used in this Service Level Agreement, but not defined in this Service Level Agreement, have the meaning stated in the Agreement.

Agreement” has the meaning set forth in the “SLO” section above.

Available”means you are able to manage simulations via USim Unity Simulation APIs.

Error Rates” means the total number of internal server errors (e.g., “InternalError” or “Service Unavailable”), divided by the total number of requests for the applicable request type during that five minute interval. The calculation of the number of internal server errors does not include errors that occur as a result of USimnity Simulation’s SLA exclusions.

Monthly Uptime Percentage” is calculated by subtracting from 100% the average of the Error Rates from each five minute interval in the monthly billing cycle.

Service Level Objective” or “SLO” has the meaning set forth in the “SLO” section above.

Unity Simulation” or “USim” means Unity’s managed cloud service that enables product developers, researchers, and engineers to easily and efficiently run thousands of instances of parameterized Unity projects in batches in the cloud. Online terms for USim are found here.