Unity Muse Services Additional Terms

Your access to and use of the Unity Muse Offerings is subject to these Additional Terms (the “Muse Terms”), which supplement and are incorporated into the Unity Terms of Service (the “Terms”). By accessing or using the Unity Muse Offerings in any manner, you represent and affirm that you have read, understand and agree to be legally bound by and comply with these Muse Terms. If you do not agree to these Muse Terms, you are not authorized to access or use the Unity Muse Offerings in any manner.

Early Access: In accordance with the Terms, you acknowledge that Unity reserves the right to update these Muse Terms at any time. Please note that we expect these Muse Terms to change as the Unity Muse Offerings progress beyond their Early Access designation. Existing Unity Muse Offering subscribers will receive advance notice of Muse Terms changes prior to the end of the Early Access period. Unity Muse Offerings in Early Access are not “Evaluation Versions” as defined in the Terms and are usable for commercial purposes. Details on the Unity Muse Copyright Indemnification program will be provided when the Unity Muse Offerings exit Early Access.

  1. Your Rights
    1. Muse Subscriptions. Unity may offer various Unity Muse Offering subscriptions with different features and fees set forth in their Offering Identification. You should review these subscriptions and their details when selecting the best Unity Muse Offering subscription for you.
    2. Additional Use Restrictions. In addition and without limitation to the restrictions on your use of the Offerings contained in the Terms, you will not (and will not authorize, encourage or cooperate with any third party to): (a) provide any Prompts or use the Unity Muse Offerings or any Output in a manner that infringes or misappropriates any intellectual property or proprietary rights of any person (including privacy and publicity rights) or violates any applicable laws, regulations or Policies; (b) attempt to generate an Output that is substantially similar to the protected work of a third party or that would otherwise violate the intellectual property rights of a third party; (c) attempt to discover or extract any underlying components (including model weights and other parameters) of the artificial intelligence models, algorithms, and technology of the Unity Muse Offerings (e.g., “model extraction”); (d) provide any personal information as part of your Prompts; (e) misrepresent that the Outputs were entirely human generated; and (f) use Outputs to develop models or for machine learning or model training purposes that compete with Unity Muse Offerings.
    3. Your Muse Content. For the avoidance of doubt, all of your Prompts and Outputs are Content Data (a subset of User Content as defined in the Terms), and you retain all rights in and to your Prompts and Outputs. Unless you have opted-out within the Unity Muse Offering, Unity may use your Content Data in connection with providing support, securing, updating, modifying, improving, promoting, developing, and training Offerings. You represent and warrant that you have all necessary rights, licenses, consents and permissions to provide your Prompts to the Unity Muse Offerings. To the extent that any intellectual property rights are created through your use of the Unity Muse Offerings, as between you and Unity, you own and are responsible for all use of your Outputs, including reviewing the nature and content of the Output to determine its accuracy, reliability and suitability for your intended use cases.
  2. Muse Points.
    1. General. Unity calculates the usage cost of the Unity Muse Offerings in “Muse Points”, where Muse Points reflect the amount of computing resources needed to generate an Output based on your Prompts. Your purchase and use of Muse Points is subject to the terms of this Section 2.
    2. Muse Points. Muse Points represent services purchased in advance and provided to you through the Unity Muse Offerings. Muse Points are not legal tender or legal currency; are not redeemable, refundable, or exchangeable for any sum of money or monetary value; have no equivalent value in fiat currency; do not act as a substitute for fiat currency; and do not constitute or confer upon you any personal property right. To use the Unity Muse Offerings, you must purchase the required amount of Muse Points for your requested Output. Muse Points are exclusive to the Unity Muse Offerings, and do not represent a purchase of, and are not usable in connection with, any other Offering. Purchasing Muse Points is the only method for accessing and using the Unity Muse Offerings.
    3. Purchase. All purchases of Muse Points are final and are not refundable. Muse Points will expire at the end of your applicable subscription period if not used (e.g., one month after the date of purchase if on a monthly subscription plan), unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase. Muse Points will not “rollover” to the next applicable subscription period. Unity will not provide any credit or other accommodation for expiration of your Muse Points. In addition to your subscription for Muse Points, Unity may offer additional top-ups available for purchase, which additional Muse Points will be available for the applicable subscription period only.
    4. Pricing. The current cost for access and use of the Unity Muse Offerings is set forth in the Muse Point Rate Card. The Muse Point Rate Card is not expected to be updated while the Unity Muse Offering is in Early Access, but is anticipated to change after the Early Access period ends. Unity will provide active Unity Muse Offering subscribers with notice of any changes to the Muse Point Rate Card prior to the end of the Early Access period. Any change in the Pricing Schedule will apply (a) at the end of your applicable subscription period; and (b) to any other purchase of Muse Points after the effective date of the changes. You will have no right to a refund or other adjustment as a result of any change in the cost of Muse Points.
    5. Account. Unity provides a ledger of your use of Muse Points within the Unity Muse Offerings which you may review at any time by logging into your Unity account. You are solely responsible for verifying that the proper amount of Muse Points has been added or deducted from your balance. Your Muse Points balance represents the amount of Outputs you may produce using the Unity Muse Offerings and is not a digital wallet, stored value account, or other payment device.
    6. Prohibited Activities. Muse Points are non-transferrable, but can be pooled with your organization’s Muse Points. You may not (and Unity will not recognize or honor) any purported sales, trades, gifts, exchanges, or other transfers of Muse Points to a third party. If Unity reasonably believes that you have attempted to engage in such prohibited activities, Unity may revoke, terminate, suspend or cancel your Muse Points, your access to and use of the Unity Muse Offerings or your Unity account without refund.
    7. Termination. Your access to the Unity Muse Offerings may terminate in accordance with the terms and conditions of these Muse Terms, if Unity ceases to provide the Unity Muse Offerings or if these Muse Terms are otherwise terminated. Unity reserves the right to suspend or terminate your use of the Unity Muse Offerings in accordance with these Muse Terms, including suspending or terminating your Muse Points, in compliance with applicable law.
    8. Additional Muse Points . Your subscription for the Unity Muse Offering is for a specified number of Muse Points during your applicable subscription period, set forth in the Muse Point Rate Card. While the Unity Muse Offering is in Early Access, your usage of the Unity Muse Offering can exceed the maximum number of Muse Points available to you without incurring additional fees. Note, however, that in extreme cases of overuse beyond your monthly allotment of Muse Points, Unity may be required to temporarily limit or suspend your access to the Unity Muse Offering. After the Early Access period ends, the Muse Point Rate Card and these Muse Terms will be updated with further information about different methods for increasing your allotment of Muse Points.
  3. Definitions

Content Data” means Prompts and/or Outputs, as applicable.

Early Access” means an Offering that is designated as being in “Early Access” in the Offering Identification.

Muse Point Rate Card” means the redemption rates for Muse Points set forth in the Offering Identification.

Outputs” means any text, images, audio-visual content, or other data, information or materials provided to you by the Unity Muse Offerings in response to your Prompts.

Prompts” means any text, images, audio-visual content, or other data, information or materials that you input, upload, designate or otherwise provide through the Unity Muse Offerings.

Unity Muse Offering” means an Offering (or features thereof) that uses generative artificial intelligence models and technology, including Offerings branded as “Muse” or any derivative or successor versions.