SIGGRAPH 2021에서 만나는 Unity

8월 9일부터 13일까지 열리는 컴퓨터 그래픽 및 인터랙티브 기술 부문의 프리미어 글로벌 콘퍼런스에 참석하세요. 유니티에서는 '개발자 데이: 아티스트 에디션'을 포함한 멋진 항목을 제공할 계획입니다.

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온스테이지와 백스테이지, 에디터 내부 그리고 심층 탐구

Sony, Lenovo, Varjo, Visionaries 777 등 유니티 협력사들의 제품에서 영감을 얻어보세요. 최신 아티스트 툴의 기술 데모를 살펴보고 유니티 기술 팀과 함께 Unity 에디터를 사용해 볼 수 있습니다.

8월 12일 목요일 태평양 시간 기준 오후 1시에 열릴 메인 스테이지에 주목하세요. Unity의 XR 부문 이사 티모니 웨스트가 Omni, Meta, Uni, and All the Other Verses You Care About이라는 주제로 특별 연설을 진행합니다.

SIGGRAPH Make it Real

SIGGRAPH session highlights

We’ll share insights, demos, and the latest tech in person and online, with dedicated Unity content in room 116 from August 9–11. Click here to see our schedule.

Full schedule details
Auto-rigging real-time 3D faces with Ziva

Dive into Ziva Face Trainer (ZFT), the new auto-rigging solution for RT3D faces. Learn about ZFT’s deep-learning parameter space, ARKit, and Expression Controls animation system.

Making Unity’s flagship cinematic Enemies

Discover the tools used to create Enemies, including an in-depth look at the new strand-based Unity hair solution.

Advances in real-time rendering

Learn about the battle-tested and production-proven real-time rendering techniques used in video games’ complex, interactive virtual worlds.

Creating organic environments in Unity

Go behind the scenes to see new Terrain features and authoring workflows for environment artists in the High Definition Rendering Pipeline (HDRP) and get a preview of what’s next.

Loki: A unified multiphysics simulation framework

Join panelists from Wētā Digital as they discuss a new framework to simulate fluid, rigid, and deformable objects without compromising fidelity on any single element.

SpeedTree Cinema: From concept art to VFX asset

Learn how professional artists are leveraging SpeedTree 9’s art tools to craft scene-stealing assets, and chat with the team about what’s next for our tools.

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Press and media

If you’re a member of the press looking for more information about Unity at SIGGRAPH 2022, reach out to us directly.

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What can I expect in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

SIGGRAPH 2022’s health and safety protocol follows provincial and national requirements for safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to the Province of British Columbia website for the latest provincewide COVID-19 information.

Where is the event being held?

SIGGRAPH 2022 will take place in person at the Vancouver Convention Center in Vancouver, Canada, and virtually online.

How much does it cost to attend SIGGRAPH?

SIGGRAPH offers a variety of passes, with prices depending on the level of access, including both in-person and online-only. For details, visit the SIGGRAPH Passes & Prices page.

Will Unity sessions be available on demand if I miss one or more?

Yes, a variety of Unity sessions will be available online after the event.

How can I get started with Unity Art Tools?

Learn more about Unity Art Tools. Want help to dive deeper? Set up time to chat here.

Additional SIGGRAPH FAQs

Visit SIGGRAPH’s FAQ page for additional information about the event as a whole.

Unity에서는 최적의 웹사이트 경험을 제공하기 위해 쿠키를 사용합니다. 자세한 내용은 쿠키 정책 페이지를 참조하세요.