Developing games for PlayStation®

Create, launch, and operate your game with a comprehensive game development platform for PlayStation.

Create games for PlayStation with Unity

尝试在 PlayStation 上进行开发
Develop for PlayStation

Follow these steps to start developing for PlayStation:

高清渲染管线 (HDRP)
Discover powerful creation tools

Explore advanced tools to help you take your PlayStation game development to the next level.

Find multiplayer solutions

Create multiplayer games for PlayStation with cloud-enabled tools, services, and infrastructure.

Unity 专家支持
Access expert support

Leverage porting and optimization expertise and game consulting services from Unity software engineers to help you ship the best PlayStation game possible.

Unity 用于游戏

How to develop PlayStation games with Unity

Here’s how to bring your game to PlayStation:

  • Make your game 
  • Apply for the closed console platform
  • Get the platform support add-on 
  • Test on platform hardware and optimize
  • Implement platform-specific features
  • Build to the platform’s package format
  • Go through the platform-specific testing process
  • Create art assets for the platform’s store 
  • Release
Unlock VR on consoles

Unity and PlayStation®VR2

PlayStation®VR2 unlocks a new level of performance and input controls to build even more immersive and exciting experiences. Build for PS VR2 with Unity 2021 LTS and later.

Unity 用于游戏

Learn about successful PlayStation games that were created with Unity.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact on PlayStation 5

Explore how the immersive world of Genshin Impact achieved next-gen performance on PlayStation 5 in a detailed interview with Zhenzhong Yi, the game’s technical director.Genshin Impact is a free-to-play, open-world action RPG that transports players to the stunning realm of Teyvat.


Arashi: Castles of Sin Creator Spotlight

Members of the Endeavor One team sat down for a Unity Creator Spotlight to discuss their new title for PlayStation VR. Listen as they talk about overcoming the development challenges of bringing a virtual reality game to the PlayStation platform.

Bringing players together

Case study featuring Ramen VR

How does a small, remote team create an MMO in VR? With a flexible development platform, multithreaded programming, robust DevOps tools, and the support of an active community, Ramen VR launched a well-optimized, multiplatform game that’s delighting players and ushering in a new era of gaming.

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PlayStation game development resources

Two Point Studios: Case study

Learn how the Burst compiler, Universal Render Pipeline (URP), and Entity Component System (ECS) enabled Two Point Campus to share performant code across all target platforms.

Subnautica: Five platforms and 6M+ copies

Learn how Unknown Worlds brought their creative and business vision for the series to life across multiple platforms, including the PlayStation consoles.

HDRP for games

Learn whether the HDRP is the right rendering tech for your game, how to start using it for production, and strategies to make the most of its features.


From workflow and integration to training and support, Unity can help you bring your game to PlayStation.


How much does a Unity Pro license cost?

Unity Pro costs $150/month or $1,800/year, and this includes one seat. Please see our store for all product and purchasing information.

How do I start creating for PlayStation?

You’ll need an active Unity Pro subscription (or a Preferred Platform license key provided by the respective platform holder) to access these specific build modules via developer platform forums.Register here to become a PlayStation developer.

Can I build and deploy to closed platforms (like Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation, or Xbox) with Unity Pro?

Yes, you can build and deploy to closed platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation, Google Stadia, and Microsoft Xbox with an active Unity Pro subscription (or with a Preferred Platform license key provided by the respective platform holder).

You will also require approval from each platform holder to develop for their platforms. Check out the PlayStation Partners registration page for more information.

Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.

How do I access the console builds for PlayStation?

Before gaining access to the build modules, you need to apply for developer status and get approval from PlayStation.


The release notes for Unity are here.

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