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Unity fundamentals: 6 resources to help you master the basics
KIRK MUSNGI / Senior Community Manager, Unity Learn
Nov 10, 2023|4:0 Min
Unity fundamentals: 6 resources to help you master the basics

Tackling the basics and turning your efforts into an amazing project is difficult. It takes hard work, time, and dedication to develop the next great creative endeavor, so we’re here to help you master Unity fundamentals – no matter what you’re building.

Read on for six key resources designed to help you with AR, VR, and more.

Resources to help you create AR experiences
Representative image for the “Create a marker-based AR app” Unity Learn project

You already know Unity provides powerful tools to make rich, engaging AR experiences that intelligently interact with the real world. So if AR sounds like the right path for your project idea, try these resources as a starting point.

Create a marker-based AR app

A marker-based app can recognize images (called markers) in the real world and make related content appear in the app. In this project, find out how to make a marker-based app with an interface that lets the user control a 3D model, text, and audio.

Start the project.

Placing and Manipulating Objects in AR

In this tutorial, learn how to use AR Session and AR Session Origin – both part of the AR Foundation package – to place and manipulate objects in AR.

Get the tutorial.

Resources to build immersive VR experiences
Representative image for the “Create with VR” Unity Learn course

If you’re building an immersive VR experience for your next project, creation fundamentals and advanced audio insights are great places to start. Learn how to reach most headsets, and transport people to new worlds as your knowledge expands.

Create with VR

In this official course, learn to design and develop VR applications by creating prototypes, attempting challenges, and completing quizzes that will build and solidify your skill set. At the same time, you will be guided through creating a VR project from start to finish, beginning with a blank design document and ending with a fully functional project.

Take the course. (Bonus: Alternate version for educators building VR curriculums)

Best Practices for Immersive Audio in VR

The shape, layout, and physical materials of your environment affect how sound reaches your ears. In this tutorial, explore how to use audio spatializer plug-ins to match VR audio to the visual experience.

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Resources to enhance your game development
Representative image for the “Create with Code” Unity Learn course

When it comes to everything else real-time 3D, unlock your potential with code and scripting foundations.

Create with Code

Program your own exciting projects from scratch in C#. As you iterate with prototypes, tackle programming challenges, and develop a project, this course will transform you from beginner to capable Unity developer. It will also prepare you to put your skills to the test on the Unity Certified User Programmer Exam.

Take the course.

Introduction to Visual Scripting

Whether you’re new to Unity or an experienced programmer, this project will teach you the windows and tools that make up Unity’s Visual Scripting user interface.

Start the project.

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