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The complete toolchain for 3D creation, simulation, and rendering, for any size of production across game and film. 

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Creativity without compromise

Unity Wētā Tools empower artists across characters, compositing, and environments.

Enhance creativity, meet content demands, maintain quality, and accelerate workflows. Spend more time in the creative flow, and produce visually impressive content efficiently using top-notch industry tools.

Key features

With Unity’s suite of artistry tools, you can make immersive and interactive stories that blur the lines between traditional storytelling and interactive media.

Creature and character creation

Create and simulate any type of character, in any design language, for any target platform. With powerful machine learning and simulation tools, processes are faster, require less resources, and deliver results for higher quality and consistency for the most performant and accurate characters in the market.

Build immersive environments

Transport your audiences to new worlds with environment tools for creating lightweight, high-performance, and dynamic assets that match artistic concepts. Procedural and freehand art tools offer the flexibility to produce stylized or realistic vegetation that fits seamlessly into existing workflows and pipelines.

Unity Wētā Tools in Action

Discover how creators are bringing their projects to life

Digital humans with Ziva

Discover how Chocolate Tribe created a photorealistic 3D Muhammad Ali CG using Ziva VFX’s powerful simulation capabilities.

The water technology of Avatar 2

Avatar: The Way of Water required water effects for 2,225 shots, some taking up to eight days of simulation. Uncover the CGI technology behind those effects.

Other solutions

Animation tools

Harness the power of real-time rendering to accelerate production, smooth workflow hurdles, and grow creativity with Unity.

Accelerate Solutions

Work together with the Accelerate Solutions team to design and develop custom solutions for your production.


Intuitive real-time visual communication that seamlessly connects your teams, tools, and workflows – from anywhere.

Bring your creative vision to life

Unity Wētā Tools can help you define new possibilities in visual content. Talk to our experts to learn how.

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