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Use our pre-built, extensible common game systems to spend more time on what matters most –making your game unique.

Update on the Game Foundation beta

We created Game Foundation to deliver off-the-shelf game systems that simplify development. At this time, we have decided to pause development and discontinue further updates to the package.

Feedback from Game Foundation has been carried forward into several new products in the Unity Gaming Services platform.

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Preview package available now

Game Foundation is currently available as a Preview package and is accessible using Unity Package Manager. To access it, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project in Unity.
  2. Find the Package Manager (Window > Package Manager).
  3. Make sure that ”Show Preview Packages” is selected under ”Advanced”.
  4. Type “game foundation” in the search box to find the Game Foundation package. Links to documentation and change logs are provided within the package.

Focus on what matters

Game Foundation delivers off-the-shelf common game systems to simplify and speed up your development.

Flexible and fully extensible

The flexible API and Unity Editor workflow let you quickly build systems like inventory, game commerce, and player progression.

Automatic data instrumentation

Events are automatically tracked by Analytics, enabling deep insights without you having to write a single line of code. 

Higher quality game projects

Instead of starting from scratch, obtain tested and proven game systems that utilize gamedev best practices.

Sell items in-game

In this new Unite Now session, learn how to use Game Foundation to integrate a store to sell items in less than 30 minutes.

Kenshi Arasaki, CEO & Co-founder of A Thinking Ape, Inc.

”Using Game Foundation we can quickly build up common systems (such as inventory, game economy, and in-game stores) for content-driven titles in a matter of days, and move into production knowing the systems we’ve relied on are battle-tested by hundreds of other titles and supported by one of the biggest companies in the games industry.”

Kenshi Arasaki, CEO & Co-founder of A Thinking Ape, Inc.

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