Unity for 360 Video

Use the leading platform for 360 video to make your content truly immersive. Unity's real-time workflow makes it easy to add CG objects, ambisonic audio, visual effects, and more.

Create immersive experiences

  • Build interactive props, storylines, or goals
  • Simulate locomotion
  • Make branched narratives and alt endings
  • Layer in UI like menus and widgets
  • Set the context with intro-lobbies
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Enjoy an efficient real-time workflow

  • Add or edit CG and visual effects instantly
  • Adjust playback speed and loop content with one click
  • Collaborate with creators on Unity Connect
  • Get community tips, resources and ideas 

Reach the widest audience

  • Publish to all the latest VR platforms
  • Update projects without re-submitting
  • Create your own app
  • Get codec, format, and device support
  • Bring your IP to AR, MR and other new media 
Jenn Duong, VR Director, Co-Founder at SH//FT

"Unity just might redefine the post-production process."

Jenn Duong, VR Director, Co-Founder at SH//FT
Tony Valenzuela, Writer/Director, Founder at BlackBoxTV

"The tool I use as a 360/VR filmmaker must offer me the the ability to brainstorm, experiment and create. Unity is that tool."

Tony Valenzuela, Writer/Director, Founder at BlackBoxTV
Tools and features in Unity for 360 video

Video Player

Get the most out of 360-video clips
  • Create scenes instantly with drag-and-drop import of any 360-video clip
  • Loop videos, adjust speed of playback, and more, using Unity’s Video Player component
  • Use our new custom Skybox Panoramic shader

UI and CG Objects

Create a rich user experience
  • Build and edit menus, text, buttons, widgets, and overlays to complement your 360-video experience
  • Add particle effects, animations, and CG objects to liven up your scene
  • Add user interactivity by using animator state-machines, behavioral logic, and more


Focus on storytelling
  • Use the linear sequencing tool to synchronize and blend object animations, events, and sounds
  • Create a trailer instantly by recording and exporting
  • Use the Control Track feature to orchestrate multi-track interfaces

Ambisonic audio sources

Give users a sense of presence
  • Incorporate full-sphere surround sound in your video with ambisonic audio clips and decoder plugins
  • Rotate sound fields based on the user’s orientation for an enhanced experience

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