Unity 5.6.4 Patch 3

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  • Android: Improve error messages from android sdk tools
  • Apple TV: Added support for attitude data coming from new AppleTV remote.
  • iOS: Add player setting to specify which device edges defer system gestures to the second swipe.
  • iOS: Add player setting to specify whether the home button should be hidden on iPhone X
  • iOS: Add support for iPhone X launch images.


  • (944118) - Android: Fixed player crash when profiler with GPU profiling was enabled and graphics API was not OpenGL ES 3.
  • (776875) - Android: Fixed realtime HDR reflection probes being black on older Android devices.
  • (956658) - Android: Fixed build with target sdk 21-23.
  • (934782) - Android: Fixed permissions popup crash.
  • (931038) - Android: Fixed android video player stuttering and dropping frames.
  • (934841) - Android: Fixed android video player playback lagging after activating input field.
  • (942625) - Android: Fixed symbols.zip not including symbols file
  • (943438) - Animation: Fixed assert when loading AnimationClip asynchronously in AssetBundles.
  • (926559) - Editor: Fixed lightmaps being generated even when the scene does not contain any baked light contribution.
  • (949574)GI: Progressive Lightmapper crashes with transparent shader.
  • (951089) (949036) iOS: Fixed support for fonts of Tibetan, Armenian, Braille, Georgian and Thai languages in iOS 10 and iOS 11.
  • (962350 960914) - iOS: Fixed the Screen.dpi() method in the Trampoline code not returning the correct number of DPI in iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone X. Also fixed the iPhone 8+ and iPhone X model checking.
  • (887019) - Lighting: Fixed issue where Progressive Lightmapper was not transmitting indirect rays through translucent objects.
  • (963867 956196) - OSX: Fix Editor crash when using GLCore on High Sierra with Intel 6xxx series GPU.

Revision: 11e8f66cfca7


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