Unity 2017.3.1 Patch 4

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  • XR: Improved background rendering performance in ARCore by eliminating an unnecessary OpenGL state reset.


  • (912848) - Android: Fixed gyroscope lag issues that happen on some android devices.
  • (999833)(990267) - Asset Import: Fixed crash when importing fbx .meta files that contain references to non-existing scripts or when scripts ID was too large.
  • (925835) - Editor: Fixed Skinned Mesh not being removed on undo.
  • (978564) - Scene Management: Fixed BuildPipelineInterfaces.InitializeBuildCallbacks() being called on every scene load when loading the same scenes multiple times.
  • (938614) - Shaders: Fixed bad swizzles on GLSL & Metal shader image size queries.
  • (998182) - Timeline: Fixed object binding when inline curves are opened.
  • (998642) - Timeline: Fixed Playing a Timeline causing GC allocations when using the 4.6 Scripting Runtime.
  • (991434) - Timeline: Fixed group tracks being saved under the wrong asset when copied to a different Timeline.
  • (999338)(988706) - UI: Fixed AspectRatioFitter not driving the RectTransform on the first frame.
  • (986045) - Windows: Fixed assert when stopping and then immediately destroying DictationRecognizer.

Revision: 7f25373c3e03


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