Unity 5.4.0 Beta 8

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5.4.0b8 Release Notes

Known Issues

  • After expand/collapse Unity Editor window looks corrupted. If you maximize/minimize/click on windows in Editor they'll return to normal state.
  • GPU Instancing: Instancing might get broken under glcore if graphics jobs are enabled.
  • Graphics: with the new jobs enabled, reflection probes might render incorrectly in rare cases.
  • In deferred rendering, lightmapped objects affected by mixed-mode lights will fallback to forward rendering.
  • On Windows with MSAA and Image Effects, game view can be rendered upside down
  • Shadows: Directional shadows will present shadow acnee when using a custom projection matrice and a very large frustum (20k+)
  • VR: Single-Pass-Stereo causes some lighting problems
  • [Billboard][LOD] Unity crashes when picking deleted Speedtree Billboard LOD level
  • [IMGUI][OSX][Regression] Detached tab is not moved slightly with the cursor after opening project with changed layout in 5.4
  • [Regression][5.4][RTP] RTP Terrain shader rendering is broken after upgrading project to 5.4


  • Editor: Add api to toggle preventing cross-scene references on/off.
  • Editor: Discard changes' in scene context menu: Reloads selected modified scenes
  • GI: Improved light update performance
  • Multiplayer: Make matchName and matchSize serializable attributes so they can save on the network manager
  • Scripting: Added array APIs to Shader and CommandBuffer class.


  • Animation: Fixed an issue where Rotation values would change on save
  • Animation: Fixed an issue where Rotation values would stay applied to objects after exiting Animation Mode
  • Editor: Fixed curves in particle system inspector not showing negative values initially
  • Editor: Fixed squashed vector fields in material editor
  • Global Illumination: Fixed multi-scene baking
  • Global Illumination: In editor, avoid some of automatic GI overhead when GI is turned off
  • Graphics: Added profiler markers on async texture loading waits
  • Linux: Fixed flickering/corrupted rendering with OpenGL Core
  • Linux: Fixed non-native-resolution fullscreen rendering with OpenGL Core
  • Multiplayer: Clean up MatchInfo UI in the NetworkManager play mode inspector
  • Multiplayer: Explicitly Dispose() WWW object in MatchMaker callback handler when done with it.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed bug where connecting to a non https MatchMaker after joining 1 match would fail in all cases
  • Multiplayer: Fixed issue where an error response from the server could lead to undesirable console output in non error cases when setting the match auth token
  • Multiplayer: Fixed issue where default matchmaker port was 80 instead of 443 in 1 code path
  • Multiplayer: Fixed issue with matchSize being incorrectly used from a join match response
  • Multiplayer: Fixed UI panel on NetworkManager for match max size and name, as well as add in tooltip info for both
  • Multiplayer: Fixed up MatchMaker URI to be correct with http:// prefix as default
  • Plugins: Fixed Editor crash, when trying to set plugin settings for deprecated platforms.
  • Shaders: Fixed case of animated standard shader Emission being wrongly overriden by material inspector
  • Shadows: Fixed shadow error messages happening in some cases
  • Shadows: Fixed shadows disappearing for some off-screen shadows casters
  • Shadows: Prevent setting out-of-range shadow strength

The following are changes and fixes to 5.4.0 features and regressions...


  • Graphics: GPU Instancing: Instancing now works on OpenGL 4.1 (GLCore device) under Windows, OS X and Linux.


  • 2D: Fix Error message appears when clicking Slice button in Sprite Editor Window
  • Android/IL2CPP: Fix Unity IAP on Android with IL2CPP
  • DX11: Fixed game view sometimes resulting in offset black bars in image effects or GrabPass
  • Editor: Fixed for shift-space not working for web views
  • Editor: Fixed GUI.Windows background not being tinted by GUI.colors anymore.
  • Editor: Fixed miscalculation of rows in layout for Terrain Component Trees
  • Editor: Fixed opening scenes in play mode from editor ui should not be allowed.
  • Global Illumination: Fix for linear lighting mode looking different between the player and Editor.
  • Global Illumination: Fix for LoadLevel in the player causing lightmaps to become brighter when in Linear mode
  • Global Illumination: Fixed crash regression when baking reflection probes
  • Global Illumination: Fixed wrong reflection material warning message in Lighting window
  • Graphics: Fixed GPU Instancing not working with objects affected by SH/Reflection probes.
  • Graphics: Fixed GPU Instancing not working with odd-negative scaled objects.
  • IL2CPP: Avoid crash on IL2CPP when searching for attributes
  • IL2CPP: Avoid double allocation of memory for multi-dimensional arrays
  • IL2CPP: Correct performance regression in LivenessState calculation.
  • IL2CPP: Fixed Stfld/Ldfld opcode usage generated by MS C# compiler
  • IL2CPP: Fixed an occasional crash when capturing managed heap when parts of it are not committed.
  • IL2CPP: Generate proper C++ code for marshaling wrappers of methods that have System.Guid as a parameter type.
  • IL2CPP: Properly marshal arrays of four-byte bool values.
  • IL2CPP: Raise NullReferenceException when Ldvirtftn instruction has a null target
  • Image Effects: Fixed image effects not working properly if Camera is added at runtime
  • IMGUI: Added new [IntRange] material shader property to correctly display integer value range sliders
  • IMGUI: Fixed an issue where Gradient Editor: Alpha slider is not visible when Gradient Editor window has minimal width /
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Prevent a managed exception on 64-bit builds during some array creation operations which has the message "ArgumentException: Destination array was not long enough. Check destIndex and length, and the array's lower bounds".
  • Mono: Fixed game hanging when calling Socket.Accept() (Windows)
  • Mono: Fixed socket communication with IPv6 networks
  • OpenGL: Fixed GameView on OpenGL Legacy
  • OpenGL: Fixed Skinning broken on Mac
  • OpenGL: Fixed Windows editor crashing or hanging with no respond on moving and undocking tabs
  • OpenGL: Various OpenGL and OpenGL performance and correctness fixes
  • Shaders: Fixed GrabPass sometimes not working correctly
  • Stripping: Fix use of UnityWebRequest when "Strip Engine Code" player setting is disabled
  • Stripping: Prevent the Particle System from being stripped if the Particle System Renderer is used and engine code stripping is enabled.
  • WebGL: Correct the following compiler error which might occur in generated C++ code: "error: non-constant-expression cannot be narrowed from type 'uintptr_t' (aka 'unsigned int') to 'il2cpp_array_size_t' (aka 'int') in initializer list [-Wc++11-narrowing]".
  • Windows Store: Allow native DLLs to be loaded both with and without the .dll extension.
  • Windows Store: Fixed a rare crash in ARM linker (fatal error LNK1322: cannot avoid potential ARM hazard (QSD8960 P1 processor bug) in section #) when using IL2CPP scripting backend
  • XBoxOne/IL2CPP: Fix a problem compiling generated C++ files when there is a space in the path to the project directory.

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