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Create your best PC game experience with resources that help you design, deploy, and optimize your Unity project with improved performance on Intel® architecture.

Resources to develop, optimize, and publish your game

Optimize your game with tools from Intel

Download Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers for free to improve your game’s graphical integrity and performance by quickly identifying problems areas. Improve your game’s frame rate and performance to utilize your favorite platform’s full potential.

Runs great on Intel® Technology Certification

Ensure that your game delivers the best experience on the most platforms, and open the door to promotional opportunities with Intel®.

Locate performance bottlenecks with Intel® VTune™ Profiler

Stop guessing why software is slow. Advanced sampling and profiling techniques quickly analyze your code, isolate issues, and deliver insights to help you optimize performance on modern processors.

Code sample: Unity DOTS

Here’s the cure for two big game issues: inefficient data layout and a lack of high-performance job language and SIMD vectorization.

Better AI with reinforcement learning

Did you know you can use Intel Distribution for Python to train preexisting machine-learning (ML) agents to learn and adapt for better AI behavior?

Intel® GameDev BOOST Program

Game developer partners can benefit from our marketing programs to gain more than one billion impressions each year. Learn how Intel® technology has been incorporated into games to enhance performance and user experience.


Develop for multicore from the ground up

Take full advantage of Intel’s multicore processors with Unity’s high-performance multithreaded Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS). Games run faster, and code is easier to read and reuse across projects.

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