Arm: The Mobile Game Industry’s Architecture of Choice

Arm technology powers the most iconic gaming devices, enabling today’s mobile gaming revolution. Together, Arm and Unity are improving game performance on the billions of Arm-powered devices by default.

Mobile technology for the future

Arm guide for Unity developers

Learn best practices and optimization techniques for the challenges of mobile game development. This guide is geared towards both beginners and advanced users to give you insights on building an optimized game.

Mali GPU architecture fundamentals

Learn the basics of developing on Arm Mali GPUs with our guides exploring the principles of high performance, tile-based rendering, accelerating 2D applications, the Utgard, Midgard, and Bifrost shader cores and more.

Performance metrics on Android

See where your frame rate drops. Identify problems with overdraw and monitor the numbers of primitives, pixels and draw calls per frame. Get advice solving common graphics problems that may impact performance.

Deep analysis on mobile

Profile your game to identify bottlenecks on the CPU or GPU, and trace OpenGL ES and Vulkan API calls to pinpoint where rendering defects occur.

Mobile VR best practice

Learn how to get high-quality 3D rendering for VR. This comprehensive guide explores the factors impacting mobile VR rendering and offers strategies to mitigate them. Each topic includes examples.

Artists best practice on mobile

Learn how to optimize your geometry, textures, materials and shaders to make your mobile games run smoother and look better with our in-depth developer guides on asset creation.

Develop on Arm with ease

Explore discussions, blog posts and other resources from developers, Arm engineers, tech enthusiasts and our ecosystem of partners.

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