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Whether you are experienced in Unity or just getting started, learn game development with Unity Game Dev Courses. Start with Unity Fundamentals, then explore specialized tracks in Art, Design or Programming. Choose one or do them all!


Designed for success

Learn the fundamental skills you need
Creating a game can be daunting. That's why we partnered with Pluralsight to produce a complete course that teaches you the core skills you need to build a Unity game. You'll get hands-on experience producing scripts, animating objects and adding lighting. And since many developers depend on imported third-party assets, we show you how to work with digital content creation tools like Maya and Photoshop, and provide you with amazing art to add great visual touches to your own game.

Luca Naitana, 3D CAD Drafter

“Unity Game Dev Courses covers plenty of information, from the basics to more advanced techniques; it's fun and engaging. It really helped me, thanks to solid fundamentals, from the user interface to animation, through coding and every other aspect that you need to know if you are planning to work in the game industry, or simply as a hobby. Now I can start my own projects in the amazing world of game development.”

Luca Naitana, 3D CAD Drafter
Explore how professionals use cameras to create dynamic scenes.

Explore how professionals use cameras to create dynamic scenes.

Keep the learning going

Go deeper into Art, Design, and Programming
Choose a specialization or try all three! We make it easy for you to advance your skills beyond the fundamentals – and it’s all included in your Unity Learn Premium subscription!

Start becoming a game developer

  • Unity Game Dev Courses are part of the growing library of expertly-authored Unity Learn Premium courses.
  • High-quality Swords and Shovels assets get you started quickly.
  • Easy-to-understand courses taught by game-industry veterans.
  • Learn the basics of content-creation tools like 3ds Max and Maya.
  • Skill assessments that help you validate your skills in minutes.
  • Courses taught in English with closed captioning available for multiple languages.
Import digital content from industry-standard tools like Zbrush, 3ds Max, Photoshop, and Maya
Experiment with lighting features to quickly change the feel and mood of your game

Fundamentals Track

Learn Unity game-development basics

  • Unity Fundamentals
  • Unity C# Scripting Fundamentals
  • Unity Animation Fundamentals
  • Unity Physics Fundamentals
  • Unity Navigation Fundamentals
  • Unity Materials Fundamentals
  • Unity Lighting Fundamentals
  • Unity Audio Fundamentals
  • Unity UI Fundamentals
  • Unity Gameplay Fundamentals

Art Track

Expand your skills by learning Maya and ZBrush

  • Game Character Concept Design Fundamentals
  • Game Environment Concept Design
  • Creating Game Environments in Unity and Maya
  • Creating Game Environment Textures with Substance Suite
  • Game Prop Modeling Fundamentals
  • Game Characters Sculpting in Zbrush
  • Retopologizing Game Characters in Maya
  • UV Mapping Game Characters in Maya
  • Texturing Game Characters in Substance Painter
  • Game Character Rigging Fundamentals
  • Game Character Animation in Unity and Maya

Programming Track

Learn how to program important game features

  • Character Controller
  • Enemy AI
  • Character Inventory System
  • Character Stat System
  • Combat System
  • Loot System
  • Game Managers, Loaders, and the Game Loop

Design Track

Go deeper into game design

  • Design Track Blueprint
  • Game Design Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Professional Level Design
  • Game Mechanic Design Fundamentals
  • Prototyping Game Systems for Swords and Shovels
  • Iterative Level Design in Unity
  • Swords and Shovels: Designing Modular Sets
  • Designing Cinematics in Unity with Cinemachine and Timeline
  • Swords and Shovels: Post Processing and Final Polish

Get free with Unity Learn Premium

Unity Learn Premium includes Unity Game Dev courses plus exclusive access to Unity experts, live interactive sessions, and guided learning paths to accelerate your career.

Unity Game Dev courses are taught in English with closed captioning available for multiple languages.

Vincent Malmrose, Full Stack Developer at GPS Capital Markets, Inc.

“As an amateur game dev, who has mainly worked on games at school, these courses have been quite useful. Some courses covered the basics, others offered interesting tips and tricks that would have been great to learn a long time ago. The best part is the courses don't just focus on one facet of game dev, like just scripting. So if you are looking to make a game on your own or just with a couple of friends, this would be a great tool for everyone involved.”

Vincent Malmrose, Full Stack Developer at GPS Capital Markets, Inc.
How do I access the course, now that I’ve signed up with Unity Learn Premium?
  1. Go to Unity Learn 
  2. Sign into your Unity ID account
  3. Search for Unity Game Dev Course
What happens to my current Unity Game Dev Courses subscription?

As a subscriber to Unity Game Dev Courses (UGDC), your subscription will be upgraded to Unity Learn Premium for the remainder of your UGDC term. You will have full access to all the learning resources in Unity Learn Premium, including all of UGDC.

What is the difference between this and Unity Certification Courseware?

The Unity Certified Developer Courseware specifically prepares you for the certification exam. Unity Game Dev Courses: Swords and Shovels is a complete, structured online course designed for aspiring creators who are new to Unity and want to learn how to build a working 3D game.

What other software will I learn to use?

The core skills courses will also cover complementary applications including 3ds Max, Maya, and Photoshop.


Why did Unity partner with Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is an industry-leading, online technology company that delivers unified, end-to-end learning experiences. Collaborating closely with Pluralsight, we produced Unity Game Dev Courses: Swords and Shovels to provide comprehensive beginner friendly courses to help those new to Unity successfully create a 3D game.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The first series of courses on core skills provides 19 hours of video tutorials. On average, it takes a motivated learner twice as long to complete the tutorials and the work that goes along with them. The next phase of materials will comprise over 80 hours of additional content.

How is Unity Game Dev Courses different from Unity Learn?

Unity Game Dev Courses are a comprehensive series of courses that take you step by step through the entire game development process, where you’ll learn core skills using actual assets from the Swords and Shovels game. Unity Game Dev Courses is part of your Unity Learn Premium subscription which also includes exclusive access to guided learning paths, bite-sized tutorials for the task at hand, expert-led interactive sessions, and more. The free Unity Learn features tutorials, game kits, and reference materials that are smaller in scope and serve particular use cases.

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