Build better PC games with help from Intel

A limited promotion from the Intel® Game Dev Program, with exclusive free benefits for Unity’s PC game developers.

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Exclusive free benefits for indie game devs

From September to November 12, 2022, Intel invites Unity developers to access the Intel® Game Dev Program and get free PC game developer support. Join the Intel® Insiders Discord server for roundtable office hours hosted by Intel, interactive content with prizes, or to submit your game for marketing support from the Intel® Game Dev BOOST program.

Roundtable office hours with Intel developers

Maximize performance, add graphical fidelity, and make the most of ML and AI through exclusive office hours with Intel game dev experts.

Graphics fidelity on the latest Intel® GPU

Participants can expect to walk away with an understanding of the latest exclusive features for the Intel® Arc™ GPU, and how to leverage them for their game.

Recommended audience level: Unity indie developers, rendering programmers, and technical artists

Upscale or enhanced performance

Participants can expect to walk away with an understanding of what is required for XeSS to work, the typical gains you can expect for your project, and what hardware it supports.

Recommended audience level: Unity indie developers, rendering programmers, and technical artists

Integrate ML and AI into your games

Learn use cases for ML and AI in video games, best practices for a data set, OpenVINO™ toolkit/oneAPI toolkit, and tips to improve speed while reducing development pitfalls.

Recommended audience level: Unity indie developers and AI enthusiasts

Your Intel game dev experts

Join Intel experts as they walk you through key technology and share resources for maximizing your PC game development experience.

Francis headshot
Francis Lauzon Duranceau​
Senior Rendering Software Engineer at Intel

As an expert in Unity development and XeSS Super Sampling, Francis will guide you on how to bring AI-enhanced upscaling to your PC game.

Peter C
Peter Cross
Senior Software Engineer and Game Dev Evangelist at Intel

Peter works closely with the gamedev community to provide tools that accelerate projects with AI and machine learning, such as the Intel® Game Dev AI Toolkit.

Hisham Chowdhury
Principal Engineer at Intel

Hisham is the driving architect of machine learning solutions for Intel GPUs, and will share insights on how to integrate AI and ML into your PC game.

Build better PC games with Intel

As a Unity developer, you can now access resources from Intel to build better games, access exclusive benefits, and grow your player base. The full suite of optimization tools and solutions can help you leverage AI and ML to advance 4K gaming. By partnering with Unity, Intel helps you optimize for Intel® hardware.

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Marketing support with Intel® Game Dev BOOST

Intel® Graphics enables your game to run on as many systems as possible, while also allowing you to take advantage of Intel® Game Dev BOOST comarketing. Selected titles are eligible to be included in Intel promotions such as social amplification, partner promotions, email campaigns, event demos, game bundles, and more.

Limited-time promotion

This promotion and exclusive access to Intel® Insiders Community Discord server is only available to Unity developers from September to November 12, 2022.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Intel® Game Dev program?

The Intel® Game Dev program provides access to resources and support to help you deliver the most exciting and immersive experiences on Intel® discrete and integrated graphics processors. Learn more.

What is Discord?

Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging social platform. Users have the ability to communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called “servers.” Intel’s Game Dev Program community Discord Server will be an exclusive destination for Unity developers who want to enhance their PC game with the help from a leader in PC game development technology.

What do I need to do to get help from Intel for my game?

Register for your exclusive invite to the Intel® Insiders Discord server. Once there, you can sign up for office hours with seasoned Intel developers.

Do I have to pay to be part of this program?

There is no purchase necessary to join the Intel® Insiders Discord server or join the Intel® Game Dev program.

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