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Real-time 3D marketing powered by Unity

Experience interactive and personalized real-time 3D marketing and discover how it can help you boost customer engagement.

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Dive into the demo

Our 3D marketing demo site uses a product from a fictional brand, TIMI, to showcase the scope of personalization made possible by Unity’s real-time 3D tools, including:

  • WebGL configurator optimized for web browsers
  • Gallery of on-demand virtual marketing images 
  • Videos rendered in real-time
  • Augmented reality video
TIMI 데모 썸네일


How we made the demo

Take a look under the hood of our interactive product configurator demo and learn about the technicalities of how to build a best-in-class real-time 3D industrial product experience.

Behind the tech

Prepare your digital assets for real-time 3D

Experiences like the interactive product configurator demo are created using existing 3D data. Learn how to import common data formats and the fundamentals of building an immersive real-time 3D experience.

Benefits of real-time 3D marketing

Produce marketing content faster

All the assets on the demo site, including the on-demand renders and accessory options, were produced from the digital product model in days rather than months. This offers significant time savings over methods like photoshoots or CGI.

Shine a spotlight on product features

With an interactive configurator, customers can explore a product from all angles and be guided by hotspots for in-depth storytelling. Built-in animations demonstrate how components move and predefined camera shots highlight specific features.

Create stunning visuals

With Unity’s ray traced real-time rendering, you can show your product with true to life lighting, shadows, and reflections. The environment in our demo site is an HDR dome from CGIBackgrounds, offering color accuracy and flexible light source control.

Learn more

Dive into the details of this demo site, and check out additional resources to help you on your metaverse journey.

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Interactive marketing made easier

Discover what’s possible with real-time 3D marketing powered by Unity’s end-to-end solutions.

Frequently asked questions

How was the model created?

The model was imported from 3D design data. You can import CAD data directly into Unity using Pixyz Plugin. For more info visit the Pixyz information page.

Can I show more than one product in a configurator?

With the Unity tools that were used to create this experience, it is not currently possible to show more than one product.

What platforms can this experience be viewed on?

With Unity, you can create once and deploy across 25+ leading platforms and technologies to reach the largest possible audience.

Can I add other functionality to the experience?

Yes. The Unity Editor is extensible, so it is possible to add other functions.

How can I learn more about Unity’s tools for marketing?

Explore the possibilities of metaverse marketing, and the range of tools that Unity offers, on our solutions page.

I don’t have the resources to do this. Can you help?

Absolutely! We would love to help you achieve your metaverse marketing goals. Get access to our expert Accelerate Solutions team and kick-start your 3D marketing journey with our marketing starter package. Alternatively, chat with one of our team to discuss other ways we can help.

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