Unity 2017.4.14

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  • AI: Added warning about creating or loading more than 65535 autogenerated OffMeshLinks in a static scene NavMesh. (921228)

  • AI: Removed assertion on expression "verts.size() > 0". (944759)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where playmode tests could no longer be disabled from the test runner ui. (1084636)

  • GI: Fixed an issue where, in forward rendering, no shadow casting light using LPPVs would use baked occlusion even if they should not. (1060991)

  • iOS: Added iPhone XR/XS/XS Max to resolution selection screen in GameView

  • iOS: Fixed an issue where the app could become unresponsive when changing anti-alias settings at runtime (1082360, 1082717)

  • iOS: Updated Game View resolution options with iPhone XR/XS/XS Max.

  • Particles: Fixed some confusing behaviour and messages regarding non-read/write meshes on the shape module and renderer (1084398, 1084860)

  • Player: Fixed two fullscreen issues on MacOS (1035061, 1038488, 1053782, 1082423)

  • Scripting: Fixed multiple crashes and errors when replacing ScriptedImporters (1025425)

  • Timeline: Fixed track names not being editable in asset edit mode (1063581)

  • Video: Fixed seeking backwards in VideoPlayer video taking considerably more time than seeking forwards. (950054, 1031064)

  • XR: Linear color space now works on Oculus Go and Quest. For Gear VR, driver issues may prevent linear from working with S7 Adreno phones on Android 7.0.

Revision: b28150134d55


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