Hollow Knight

制作者: Team Cherry
The studio
Side-scrolling, bug-zapping mania

It was the shared nostalgia for a classic game that pushed three budding Australian game developers to form their own studio, Team Cherry, in 2012. Ari Gibson, William Pellen, and David Kazi from Adelaide bonded over Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and have added a hot-selling title of their own to gaming’s metroidvania kingdom. Like many successful studios, this one came from humble beginnings.

“Ari has a kind of intense mesmeric charm to him. He looked deep into our eyes and told us that from now on we would be making cool video games with him,” recounted Pellen to Brutalgamer. “We all got together for a couple of game jams and then we decided to give a full-size game a crack! It’s been great fun.”

Combining a game-jamming mentality with massive animation talent, Team Cherry broke into the big leagues in 2014–15 aided by their very successful Kickstarter campaign and numerous stretch goals. More than delivering on their early promise, Hollow Knight was released in February 2017 and is keeping half-a-million side-scrolling, bug-zapping gamers very happy.

The project

Hollow Knight は、虫を主人公にしたアドベンチャーゲームで美しいビジュアルとやりがいのあるプレイが特徴です。プレイヤーは小さなかわいい虫になって、恐ろしいクリーチャーと戦い、巧妙な罠をかいくぐりながら、菌類の巣窟や骨の寺院、荒れ果てたゴシックスタイルの地下都市などで謎を解き明かしていきます。行く先々でマップを購入し、Knight’s nail と呼ばれる武器や剣のような武器を使って敵やボスを追い詰めていきます。

ゲームの目玉はスキルの習得と、「Hallownest」という名の複雑に入り組んだ広大な地下の王国を探検することです。Pellen が Red Bull Games に語ったところでは、「最も力を入れたのは、モンスターや奇妙な生き物、秘密のエリアや割れ目がいっぱいの不思議な国で壮大な冒険を楽しんでもらうことです。 プレイヤーには地図のない領域で道を切り開き、アッと驚くような危険に遭遇するスリルを味わってもらいたいと思います」

目を見張るように美しいビジュアルによって命を吹き込まれた Hollow Knight は、高い評価を獲得し、Metacritic での平均スコアは 86/100 です。PC Gamer のあるレビューでは「これまでプレイした中で最も美しい手描きゲーム」と称賛されています。また、あるレビュアーは、ゲームプレイについても高く評価し、「Hollow Knight はゲームプレイと今まで見た中で最高の 2D アニメーションとで他のゲームとは比べ物にならない」

チーム Cherry は、2017 年の Switch バージョンやその他のリリースに向けて鋭意作業中です。すでに無料のコンテンツパックを 1 つリリース済みで、ハロウィンのシーズンに向けてもう 1 つ準備しています。


『Hollow Knight』のトレーラーを見る
The reveal
Sprites help create striking 2D visuals

Hollow Knight serves as an excellent reminder that beautiful games don’t necessarily need to focus on grand technical achievements. Team Cherry decided to take full advantage of built-in development tools in Unity and extensions available on the Asset Store in order to meet their technical goals. This allowed them to focus on what they are best at: creating stunning art.

They produced the striking visual style from hand-drawn art and traditional animation created in Photoshop and saved as simple PNGs. Then they assigned a handful of simple shader types including sprite_default and sprite_diffuse with minor modifications to those assets.

Rather than using complex 3D lighting systems, they handled lighting with soft transparent shapes. The team built levels with 2D assets layered in a 3D environment using many of Unity’s out-of-the-box 2D features, including 2D Physics, Sprite Packer, and the Particle System with the help of the 2D Toolkit from the Asset Store.


A parallax view showing how Team Cherry layers 2D assets for vivid results.

A parallax view showing how Team Cherry layers 2D assets for vivid results.

While the team does have some coding experience and did write custom scripts for certain elements, they created all the enemies and interactive elements using Playmaker, a five-star visual-scripting package. 

Many great tools like those used by Team Cherry are available in the Asset Store.

Unity のオープンでフレキシブルなアーキテクチャでゲームを作ってみたいと思いませんか? Unity の最新バージョンをご覧ください。