Unity for Humanity

Unity for Humanity supports creators who are developing projects that encompass themes of social, healthcare, science, education, humanitarian, and/or environmental issues.

You inspire us everyday

Many creators are using Unity to tell stories that will have a positive and meaningful impact on society, their communities, and the planet. We created Unity for Humanity to celebrate these creators and support them on their journey to change lives and the state of our world.

2019 Unity for Humanity challenge winner: Clean A\R

Impactful, effective, efficient, and accessible – this is Clean A\R. The 2019 winner of Unity for Humanity is an innovative XR tool, conceived by Richard Nockles and being developed by Dan Stankowski and Niru Fekri Arnold.  

2019 Unity for Humanity contest winner: Clean A\R

Raising awareness

These creators are using Unity to develop an interactive AR app that will expose otherwise invisible urban pollution in an augmented smog effect on mobile phones. The Clean A\R app uses modelled air quality data from Kings College in the UK to help visualize the pollution in users’ current location. 

left: Niru Fekri Arnold, right: Richard Nockles

left: Niru Fekri Arnold, right: Richard Nockles

Building momentum for change

And the team won’t stop there. Nockles, who is also the founder of London-based VR studio Surround Vision, is teaming up with some of the biggest players in social media to amplify the project.

“The plan is to use the UK as a springboard for a global campaign that uses shareable AR filters on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, as well as the Clean A\R custom App which will help to raise awareness of pollution internationally,” says Nockles. “The project will work closely with pollution experts at Client Earth and the C40 group.”

By driving awareness on social media, the ultimate goal is to create momentum that will reach governments and inform future policy impacting air quality. The developers’ smart release strategy will take this project to some of the leading global climate summits to ensure that their message is heard.

Coming to you soon

This project’s success is built on a strong foundation: It is easy to use, easy to share, and features clear calls to action that help everyone to get involved in the campaign.

Clean A\R is currently in production. The UK version is slated for release in October 2019 at the C40 mayors summit in Copenhagen.

Check out the Unity for Humanity finalists and their world-changing projects

Yetunde Dada, Shariffa Ali, and AtlasV

A VR experience exploring gender fluidity, Atomu situates its audience at the cyclical center of a Kikuyu tribal myth from Kenya, wherein a man may become woman, and a woman may become man as they dance around the sacred Mugumo tree.

Owen Harris, Niki Smit, and Dr. Isabela Granic

DEEP is a meditative virtual reality game controlled by breathing. DEEP was developed in a special collaboration between international art, game design, and science experts to generate positive impacts on behavior.

Finding Alice
Craig Rutherford and Zoltan Batho G.

A beautifully crafted cinematic VR game, Finding Alice is a modern social media twist on the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland. Finding Alice is designed to bring awareness to the mental health issue of social media addiction in a fun and entertaining way.

Kiira Benzing

Metropoles is a collaborative multiplayer VR experience about gentrification. Founded on the principles of participatory democracy and tactical urbanism, this interactive experience lets players co-design a neighborhood to show that we all have a voice in shaping our communities.

Ways to School
Zohar Kfir, Wesley Allsbrook, Floréal Films

Ways to School is an interactive VR series documenting the struggles of children around the world whose daily journeys to school are long and arduous. Inspired by the well-known transmedia project Sur les chemins de l’école, this VR experience lets viewers accompany the children.

Is your project using Unity to change the world?

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