Save on Unity Pro with an annual plan

Learn how to switch to an annual Unity Pro plan and lock in the current price before October 13, 2022.

How to change your plan

You can switch from your monthly Unity Pro plan to an annual plan online through the Unity ID portal. Log into your Unity account to get started, then follow these illustrated steps.

Onglet Groupes

Navigate to the Organization tab

Once you’re logged in to your Unity ID, select the Organizations tab.

Select organization you want to change

Select the organization you want to change

From the list of Organizations affiliated with your account, select the name of the Organization that currently has one or more monthly Unity Pro subscriptions.

Sélectionnez votre organisation

Modify your subscription

In the detail view for your Organization, under Subscriptions, click the Save with an annual plan button in the Unity monthly plan field.

Save on annual plan

Choose an annual plan

Click the Save with an annual plan tab.

Choose your payment frequency

Choose your payment frequency

Select whether you want to pay monthly or prepay for the year. Click Accept.

Review and confirm your purchase

Review and confirm your purchase

Click Confirm Purchase to complete your transaction.

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