Discover new Experimental and Pre-release packages

In-development packages

Unity’s functionality can be expanded with features that are available as modular packages that enable workflows you might need for your project. Our teams value your feedback while these packages are still in development.

Experimental packages

Experimental packages are unsupported, may not be part of the roadmap, and can be deprecated without release. We still welcome feedback from early adopters on these cutting-edge, exploratory tools. Use the Add package by name option from the additional menu (+) in the Package Manager window to add them.

Selection groups
Python for Unity Editor
Vector Graphics
Memory Profiler
Tutorial framework
Unity localization

The new package lifecycle

Starting with Unity 2021.1, we introduced new nomenclature to provide better guidance on a package’s readiness, progress, expected support level, and Unity’s long-term commitment.

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Be the first to know about new Experimental packages that are in need of feedback! Join us on the Experimental & Pre-release Packages forums and let us know how they could fit your future project’s needs.

Your insights help us improve

Unity Pulse is a research platform where we centralize solicited user feedback through surveys, polls, roundtables, interviews or group discussions. You can learn more about it on the blog and sign up by just logging in with your Unity ID.

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