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  • (1015836) - 2D: Fixed Sprite Pivot setting appears when Sprite Mode is set to Multiple but does not appear when it's set to Single.
  • (955571) - AI: Fixed AyncOperations started with the NavMeshBuilder possibly crashing when being used in quick succession.
  • (1021442(966038)) - Android: Fixed shader clip support on devices with Adreno 4x and later.
  • (1037638) - Android: Fixed the issue that GI assets for the first scene have been added to the obb with "Split Application Binary" enabled.
  • (1030201(961655)) - Android: Fixed using memalign on Android due to compatibility issues causing crashes on some devices.
  • (1029856) - Animation: Fixed performance issues in the clip drop down menu of the animation window when editing large amount of clips.
  • (980970) - Asset Pipeline: Fixed crash on UnwrapImpl::GenerateSecondaryUVSet when re-importing certain model with "Generate Lightmap UVs" setting enabled.
  • (1035068) - Global Illumination: Fix HDR lightmap texture encoding in Gamma Color Space.
  • (1006916) - Global Illumination: Fixed Anti-aliasing Samples value change from Lightmap Parameters not being taken into account after a lightmap bake.
  • (1038465) - IL2CPP: Corrected invalid code generated for a lock on UWP in some cases.
  • (1020341) - IL2CPP: Fixed DllNotFoundException when accessing NetworkInformation on UWP.
  • (None) - iOS: Optimization to iPhoneTime:GetTimeSinceStartup.
  • (1011604) - iOS: Fixed crash when usbmuxd proxy is still running during app exit.
  • (1043428) - PS4: Fixed UnityWebRequests on PS4.
  • (856344) - Scene Management: Fixed modifying asset import settings from script changes 'timeCreated' in the meta-file, breaking asset representation determinism.
  • (996473) - Scripting: Resolved reference assemblies correctly from any folder in project.
  • (1011626) - Scripting: Fixed memory profiler.
  • (1039434) - Scripting: Fixed crash when accessing custom attribute data.
  • (1035692) - Scripting: Fixed crash when loading some assemblies due to invalid metadata parsing.
  • (992166) - Scripting: Fixed VS project generation to use modular Unity Engine dlls.
  • (898536) - Shaders: Fixed enum fields not working with float values.
  • (1037720) - Web: Fixed UnityWebRequest POST failure with multipart sections.
  • (943241) - WebGL: Fixed MS Edge detection.
  • (1003917) - WebGL: Added workaround for Chrome Audio Auto-play policy.
  • ([965647, 1003912](https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/product/unity/issues/guid/965647, 1003912/)) - WebGL: Fixed usage of deprecated WebAudio setters.
  • (1017515) - Windows: Fixed deadlock on exit when using OnAudioFilterRead with il2cpp scripting backend.
  • (1039050) - XR: Updated Unity branded default Daydream Launcher images.
  • (1048091) - XR: Resolved issues with User-Presence not working properly in the Editor for Windows Mixed Reality applications.
  • (1048089) - XR: Resolved issue with the OS minimizing the Editor when playing a Mixed Reality application on Windows RS4.
  • (1033915) - XR: Fixed flickering issue in rendered eyes due to incorrect pause handling behavior.

Revision: c24f30193bac


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