Unity 5.5.4

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  • Added support for the 5th generation iPad.
  • AssetBundles: Reduced SerializedFile memory usage when reading streams inside AssetBundles.
  • Build Pipeline: Exceptions thrown during the build process (e.g. by user callbacks) are now treated the same as logged errors, from a reporting and StrictMode point of view.
  • Graphics: Added function to allow cube map textures to be compressed from script like their Texture2D counterparts
  • Networking: Added a timeout property to UnityWebRequest. This gives coarse grain control over timeouts for webrequests. (900900)
  • Unity Ads: Updated native binaries to 2.1.0
  • VR: Updated Oculus to version 1.14.


  • VR: You can enable GPU skinning for Android VR. This is experimental, and you should verify behavior and performance on the target devices.


  • 2D: Fixed an issue with texture compressions when using SpritePacking with '[TIGHT]' texture packing and high quality compression. (871871)
  • Android: AndroidJava returns null instead of throwing exceptions on functions which return an object, class or array. (839005)
  • Android: Disabled Debug markers on PowerVR Series 5 devices. (780958)
  • Android: Fixed a rare crash on application exit due to UnityWebStreams not getting cleaned up properly. (867508)
  • Android: Fixed an issue where a Unity application could stop responding after starting a screen recording. (833158)
  • Android: Fixed an unnecessary internet permission requirement in empty projects. (892203)
  • Android: Fixed Android application building with the latest Android SDK. (888859)
  • Android: Fixed Ctrl+B shortcut pushing app package even if it failed to build. (894074)
  • Android: Fixed manifest merging with new Android SDK tools. (898978)
  • Android: Fixed use of presentation display. (852582)
  • Android: Fixed WebCamTexture crash with denied permissions. (877837)
  • Android: Fixed SoftInput input field being hidden under keyboard when translucent flag is set.
  • Android: Webcam - Fixed issue where the wrong orientation was returned on first frames. (875247)
  • Animation: Changing Animator.Speed during an animation transition now correctly affects the cross-fade speed. (898504)
  • Animation: Fixed a crash when activating/deactivating GameObject in the Animation Window. (886335)
  • Animation: Fixed a crash in PrepareFrame that occurred due to Animator being Deactivated in Script (896659)
  • Animation: Fixed IK on Feet not working properly when interrupting transitions. (892043)
  • Animation: Fixed incorrect animated color values when in linear color space. (893042)
  • Animation: Fixed the mesh distortions during animation if the "Optimize Game Objects" option was selected. (880724)
  • Animation: Improved build and AssetBundle data determinism for Human components.
  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue when importing Assets with name changes that could cause a timestamp mismatch in the database. (896185)
  • AssetBundles: Fixed a performance regression when building many small AssetBundles. (849376)
  • Build Pipeline: Fixed AssetBundle statistics that are printed to the editor log when building AssetBundles. (890644)
  • Build Pipeline: Fixed issue with Scene AssetBundles that would cause multiple builds with the same Scene that generated different results. (895452)
  • Buildpipeline: Fixed an issue with reported texture size being smaller than actual size. (885258)
  • Cluster Rendering: VRPN works in Editor now.
  • Editor Analytics : Added fix to stop sending Editor analytics events when disabled from Unity preferences (Pro only).
  • Editor: Added fix to attempt to identify and use the Cancel option for dialogs that are launched on worker threads, because they can otherwise soft-lock or force-quit the Editor. (896794)
  • Editor: Fixed an issue that prevented the creation of GameObjects with a RectTransform component. (902580)
  • Editor: Fixed an issue where locking the Inspector on sub-Scene GameObjects caused their disappearance, coupled with a group of 'Failed to unpersist' error messages. (875845)
  • Editor: Fixed the issue where 'Build and Run' attempted to push a build to device even if an error was encountered during the build. (894074)
  • Editor: Fixed Xcode project; queueDebuggingEnabled is now included. (908965)
  • Fixed editor crashes when an error is made in a custom Deferred Shader. (869729)
  • Fixed Texture Importer to allow newly-imported Textures to have their AssetBundle name/variant set. (905640)
  • GI: Fixed a crash when creating reflection probes from OnWillRenderObject. (873206)
  • GI: Fixed lightmap texture inspector preview being too bright when using linear color space. (885492)
  • Graphics: Behavior of the VFACE semantic on DX12 is now consistent with the editor. (895474)
  • Graphics: Fixed buggy Android Adreno chipset frame buffer invalidation appearing as if rendering has frozen. (860724)
  • Graphics: Fixed a crash if Texture.GetPixels or Texture.SetPixels is used with invalid input parameters. (771031)
  • Graphics: Fixed a crash in GetBuildUsageTagFromAssets that was triggered by project that had ShaderVariants. (889138)
  • Graphics: Fixed a periodic crash in shadow culling job code (GenerateCombinedDynamicVisibleListJob). (882704)
  • Graphics: Fixed an editor crash on old OpenGL drivers. (888339)
  • Graphics: Fixed an issue on PS Vita causing the default sky to be black. (833583)
  • Graphics: Fixed clear artifacts on metal, if only the UI camera is used in the Scene. (909608)
  • Graphics: Fixed generating invalid raycasts causing "Invalid AABB b0" error appears in console. (884547)
  • Graphics: Fixed Render Texture not being cleared on stop for Windows. (884057)
  • Graphics: Fixed SceneView GUI elements being very bright when HDR and Linear mode were enabled. (878724)
  • Graphics: When graphics jobs are enabled, CommandBuffers are no longer executed multiple times upon LightEvent.AfterShadowMap. (880716)
  • IL2CPP: Added fix to allow more deeply nested generic recursion for method metadata. A managed exception is now thrown when the recursion is too deep. (889446)
  • IL2CPP: Applied a fix to prevent the following exception occurring during runtime for some projects: 'NotSupportedException: IL2CPP encountered a managed type which it cannot convert ahead-of-time. The type uses generic or array types which are nested beyond the maximum depth which can be converted'. (905659)
  • IL2CPP: Corrected an error in the byte code stripper which looked like this: "Member'' is declared in another module and needs to be imported. (894071)
  • IL2CPP: Corrected an error in UnusedBytecodeStripper2 which could occur in some projects: "Member 'System.Type' was declared in another module and needed to be imported.” (894071)
  • IL2CPP: Fixed memory snapshot profiler not showing multidimensional arrays. (888796)
  • IL2CPP: Implemented RegionInfo. (891471)
  • IL2CPP: Modify the implementation of the IL Switch opcode to workaround a possible C++ compiler bug in Xcode 8.3. (898861)
  • iOS: Fixed a crash that could occur in callbacks for Social.localUser.Authenticate when the error parameter was read. (868697)
  • iOS: Fixed framework search paths in Xcode project being incorrectly quoted if they contained spaces. (866673)
  • iOS: Fixed inclusion of ReplayKit framework in plugins. (882013)
  • iOS: Fixed some icons not getting copied into Xcode project when Target Device was set to iPhone Only. (888370)
  • iOS: Added fix so that local notifications are now cleared on iOS10. (885096)
  • Kernel: Fixed a crash when undoing a revert would cause components to be removed. (870498)
  • Kernel: Fixed an issue in JSON parsing that could cause a deserialized box collider to change size. (898787)
  • Lines: Reintroduced missing texture mapping mode, to restore pre-5.5 functionality. (903466)
  • Metal: Fixed unnecessary half to float casts in generated shaders. (898788)
  • Mono: Corrected the handling of C# compiler errors in a column that were more than 255 characters wide. (902758)
  • MonoDevelop: Applied fix to allow breakpoints to properly load in MonoDevelop in some situations where they did not load before. (889998)
  • Particles: Fixed an issue where scripted emission could fail to emit the correct number of particles. (892278)
  • Particles: Fixed an issue where sub-emitters with a constant seed would not be identical on each subsequent play. (882685)
  • Particles: Fixed scripted emission crash when using the Trigger Module. (893476)
  • Particles: Fixed sub-emitter crash when using Prefabs. (893838)
  • Particles: Applied fix so that skinning info is only used if it's valid when emitting from a skinned Mesh Renderer shape. (895898)
  • Particles: Reinstated random emission modes.
  • Physics 2D: Fixed a crash and infinite loop when triangulating Polygon2D. (880353, 891305, 905608)
  • Physics: Applied a fix so that Collider AABB gizmo is not drawn if it is attached to a Rigidbody2D with the 'simulated' property set to false. (843507)
  • Physics: Fixed Rigidbody2D interpolation losing precision with time.
  • Physics: Fixed an issue where infinite 2D raycast misses the edge of EdgeCollider2Ds. (895732)
  • Physics: Fixed issue where contacts between effectors are not correctly evaluated when effector collider masks are used. (901950)
  • Purchasing: Fixed an issue with Unity IAP emitting DuplicateTransaction failure for all non-consumable purchases when initialized. (889321)
  • Removed the extra call to CanvasRenderer.OnTransformChanged when the canvas is set to ScreenSpace.Camera render mode, and the Camera’s Transform is changed. (886258)
  • Scripting: Fixed parameter corruption and potential crashes for some delayed callbacks. (868697)
  • Shaders: Fixed a subtle metal shader generation bug in bit field insert operations.
  • Shaders: Fixed an incorrect translation from HLSL assembly for AND and OR operands. This fixes a crash when compiling shaders for GLCore. (883080)
  • Shaders: Fixed internal error on a GLSL shader compiling corner case. (881103)
  • Shaders: Fixed uint params on OpenGL. (893421)
  • SpeedTree: Fixed GPU instancing break when the trees come back into view. (883721)
  • Text: Fixed an issue where fonts created by script would fail to appear. (858645)
  • TextureImporter: Fixed a bug where the Texture Importer failed to detect the alpha channel properly in some types of PNG files. Please re-import the affected Assets to fix them. (891365)
  • UGUI: Fixed crash when reparenting inactive object. (898809)
  • UGUI: Fixed memory leak in UGUI.
  • Unity Ads: Prevent Unity Ads internal MonoBehaviours from showing in the inspector. (858540)
  • UnityWebRequest: Fixed a delay when the DNS could not resolve a given URL. (825679)
  • UnityWebRequest: Fixed a hang when using custom download handler script in the Unity Editor in Edit mode. (893302)
  • UnityWebRequest: Fixed getting Texture after a Scene reload. (884291)
  • UnityWebRequest: Fixed the nonReadable parameter working the opposite way in UnityWebRequest.GetTexture(). (876648)
  • VR: Fixed a potential crash when entering Play mode. (896314)
  • VR: Updated Oculus to version 1.13 and GearVR to version 1.13.1. Fixed plug-in loading issue in paths with non-ASCII characters.
  • Windows Store: Fixed a build error "Failed to resolve assembly: 'Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'"." which occurred when using default parameters of Windows Runtime types in method signatures and "C# projects" build option on .NET scripting backend. (884058)
  • Windows Store: Fixed a build error on .NET scripting backend when a method with name OnMouseDown was defined in a non-monobehaviour class. (869168)
  • Windows Store: Fixed a crash on certain devices in debug and release configurations when there was no internet connectivity (note: master configurations were unaffected). (855878)
  • Windows Store: Fixed a crash that could occur with D3D build type when the window is minimized or closed. (885964)
  • Windows Store: Fixed a crash when using SceneManager.UnloadSceneAsync on .NET scripting backend with .NET native enabled. (869407)
  • Windows Store: Fixed a rare build error "Failed to resolve assembly: 'System.Reflection.TypeExtensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a'", which occurred on .NET scripting backend when using "C# projects" option. (885997)
  • Windows Store: Fixed a rare build error "Version not supported:", which occurred when using certain .winmd plugins and "C# projects" option on .NET scripting backend. (886049)
  • Windows Store: Fixed a System.TypeInitializationException on startup, which occurred with .NET scripting backend when a nested class was derived from a non-nested class and was overriding one of its methods. (872058)
  • Windows Store: Fixed an issue of not being able to switch to Windows Store platform when Windows 10 SDK is not installed. (890043)
  • Windows Store: Fixed non-alloc physics overlap functions causing a crash on .NET Scripting Backend. (888660)
  • Windows Store: Fixed Screen.SetResolution not accounting for DPI settings. (875849)
  • WWW: Fixed an issue where new WWW objects without internet connection did not set an Error field. (776552)

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