Unity 2023.2.13

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Known Issues in 2023.2.13f1

  • Asset - Database: Crash in CollectManagedImportDependencyGetters inside OpenScene in batch mode (UUM-57742)

  • Asset Importers: Crash on ConvertBlenderToFBX while importing a specific .blend file (UUM-63758)

  • Audio Authoring: Crash on AudioUtil_CUSTOM_HasAudioCallback when exiting Play Mode while the Inspector is displaying a GameObject with a script attached (UUM-58481)

  • HD RP: Prefab preview thumbnails are not being rendered when a Project uses HDRP (UUM-60000)

  • HD RP: [AMD] Crash on GfxDeviceD3D12Base::DrawBuffersCommon when Baking Light with Virtual Offset on Probe Volumes (UUM-59522)

  • IAP: [Android] The Player crashes with a "JNI ERROR (app bug)" error when the global reference table gets overflowed by BillingClientStateListener (UUM-55105)

  • IL2CPP: [Android] Crash on Android when AndroidJavaProxy is calling from multiple threads (UUM-49357)

  • Input: Crash on InputDeviceIOCTL when closing Unity editor (UUM-10774)

  • Inspector Framework: The Curve Editor window is not shown when attempting to open it in the Timeline window (UUM-65172)

  • Metal: [iOS] App crashes with out of memory exception in UnityGfxDeviceWorker when starting the app (UUM-55488)

  • Platform Audio: [Linux] No audio output when playing audio (UUM-53143)

  • Progressive Lightmapper: The Editor becomes unresponsive and memory allocation errors are spammed in the Console when Generating Lightning (UUM-58017)

  • RP Foundation: Stacked camera is not rendering when using custom post effects is done in PreRender PostRender and Camera is not in HDR (UUM-22444)

  • Scene Management: Crash on GameObject::QueryComponentByType when opening a project (UUM-58461)

  • UI Toolkit Framework: "TextureImporterInspector.OnInspectorGUI must call ApplyRevertGUI to avoid unexpected behaviour." thrown when selecting Asset then selecting and deselecting Texture 2D (UUM-35998)

2023.2.13f1 Release Notes


  • AI: The instantiation of NavMeshes into the scene happens slightly faster.

  • HDRP: Improved scene culling performance when APV is enabled in the project.


  • 2D: Fixed an editor crash when Atlas content is edited in Play Mode. (UUM-61407)

  • Accessibility: Fixed fully off-screen accessibility nodes being skipped by TalkBack. (UUM-63462)

  • AI: Fixed crash that happens when NavMesh Agents with active avoidance try to move between obstacles that carve the NavMesh in some particular locations. (UUM-49214)

  • Android: Remove UTF BOM from SDK tools commands. (UUM-60488)

  • Android: Temporarily hide 'Upgrade templates to C#...' button in Player Settings.

  • Android: Temporarily hide AndroidProjectFiles properties - GradleProperties, GradleSettings, LauncherBuildGradle, LauncherManifest, ProjectLevelBuildGradle, UnityLibraryBuildGradle, UnityLibraryManifest until Google's EDM4U will no longer requires templates.

  • Animation: Blend Tree assets are now correctly deleted when overwritten by an Animation Clip in an Animator. (UUM-62807)

  • Animation: Fixed deleting StateMachine leaking outgoing transitions. (UUM-58996)

  • Animation: Fixed Editor spike when selecting a GameObject with a Playable Director Component. (UUM-59654)

  • Asset Import: Update PVRTexTool from v4.17 to v5.5. Fixes Mac texture size limit bug and Arm64 macOS compatibility. (UUM-3775)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed a crash when loading large Content Archive. (UUM-60469)

  • Bug Reporter: Fixed an issue that could cause Bug Reporter project archives to fail when creating multiple editor instances with the MPMM package. (UUM-53115)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed an issue where Editor would crash due to a corrupted json file. (UUM-48603)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue to ensure that if we use a default ObjectField it doesn't throw a null context exception. (UUM-64366)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue to ensured the resize cursor doesn't show up when hovering over a draggable tab. (UUM-59161)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue to protected against crashes when passing invalid dimensions to an editor window (NaN or Infinity). (UUM-53656)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue when fields that could still be edited even though multi-editing is not supported when multiple Game Objects are selected should no longer be visible. (UUM-61080)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue when On activity the videoplayer was stuck if called after the standby/resume state. (UUM-54785)

  • Editor: Fixed edge cases for Same Properties query generation. (UUM-61273)

  • Editor: Fixed GameObject Prefab in the Hierarchy window having a bigger font size when it is disabled. (UUM-61447)

  • Editor: Fixed issue with IsEllided property in TextHandle sometimes being invalid. (UUM-58784)

  • Editor: Fixed issue with sprite text asset selection in the inspector. (UUM-48683)

  • Editor: Fixed Preset have their own searchpropositions (query block). (UUM-59118)

  • Editor: Fixed Project Browser in AdvanceSearchEngine treats all t: and l: as t= and l=. (UUM-61220)

  • Editor: Fixed Project window content font size not matching the Editor font size when the icons are minimized. (UUM-61754)

  • Editor: Fixed scene template dependency list view in inspector window. (UUM-59838)

  • Editor: Fixed Search Sort type is nicified. (UUM-63888)

  • Editor: Fixed searchquery path validation for mac. (UUM-63375)

  • Editor: Fixed wrong menu item getting the checked state when it had a duplicate name. (UUM-3533)

  • Editor: GameActivity ANR fix when fullscreen videoplayer playback ends. (UUM-34306)

  • Editor: Index null ObjectReference. These can be searched with <propertyName>=none (UUM-61256)

  • Editor: Preset Selector shows in text mode since there is no search propositions available. (UUM-62701)

  • Entities Graphics: Fixed an issue where runtime created materials registered with the BRG/EntitiesGraphics would sometimes get unloaded when maximising the game view. (UUM-54573)

  • Graphics: CommandBuffer.SetComputeTextureParam when used with a non-RenderTexture rt and a non-default RenderTextureSubElement element parameter could crash due to expecting a RenderTexture. Now the element parameter is correctly ignored for non-RenderTextures. (UUM-63700)

  • Graphics: Fixed a regression in DrawProceduralIndirect in the Directx 11 backend when it was erroneously throwing "Draw indirect argument buffer too small" when using an argument buffer of 4 ints. (UUM-63246)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue to invoke the PostRender callback when SceneView uses EditorDrawOutline. (UUM-57025)

  • Graphics: Fixed editor crash when trying to perform recursive rendering on the frame exiting PlayMode. (UUM-60383)

  • Graphics: Fixed flickering in shadows when TAA is enabled in the built-in render pipeline. (UUM-63814)

  • Graphics: Fixed VertexLM path lighting setup. (UUM-59676)

  • Graphics: Stop allocating full resolution Vulkan Swapchain images when using an external Swapchain. (UUM-56851)

  • iOS: Fixed an issue by adding a missing privacy manifest entry for System Boot time API usage.

  • Linux: Fixed crash when destroying and rebuilding main GTK menu. (UUM-53175)

  • Linux: Fixed crash when destroying and rebuilding main GTK menu. (UUM-56334)

  • Networking: Throw exception instead of crashing if UnityWebRequest is sent during app quit, such as from Destroy(). (UUM-63150)

  • Profiler: Fixed an issue whereby the Physics2D module did not display counters in the Profiler. (UUM-57758)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed Transform Tool rotation handle not respecting increment snap setting. (UUM-61749)

  • Scene/Game View: Reverting fix for potential null reference exception. (UUM-59891)

  • Scripting: Fixed an issue to ensure the completion of Awaitable.NextFrameAsync is not raised too early. (UUM-44012)

  • Scripting: Fixed an issue where debugging a .net 6 project with Visual Studio would make the editor hang on startup. (UUM-60296)

  • Scripting: Fixed deadlock being created for Awaitable async methods NextFrameAsync, EndOfFrameAsync when Time.timeScale is 0. (UUM-64086)

  • Scripting: Fixed reload not happening when multiple compilations happens in same editor tick. (UUM-62508)

  • Search: Fixed "filtermode" not adding a query block. (UUM-61219)

  • Search: Fixed "filtermode" search proposition appearing twice. (UUM-61247)

  • Search: Fixed an issue to allows index to be saved in local package. (UUM-62277)

  • Search: Fixed an issue to ensure Index have a dependency id computed from their type name. (UUM-62159)

  • Search: Fixed an issue to ensure we index types of assets that are not .prefab. (UUM-62327)

  • Search: Fixed an issue when directory are renamed, properly invalidate propertydb. (UUM-59213)

  • Search: Fixed Synchronous search at unity startup or after domain reload. Ensure DB are initialized. (UUM-61251)

  • Search: In IndexManager, disable SubObject options editing if the index is Scene or Prefab (UUM-62150)

  • Terrain: Entering detail painting mode no longer crashes the Editor when the TerrainData contains corrupt data. (UUM-62515)

  • TextCore: Fixed an issue to ensure Dynamic FontAsset have a readable Atlas. (UUM-59596)

  • UI Elements: Fixed some errors when parsing a menu item name that was just whitespace. (UUM-64241)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed disappearing elements when an ancestor goes to a null-scale transform. (UUM-62401)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed elements size when a new control is dragged onto the UI Builder hierarchy. (UUM-61553)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed pointer events on the secondary display received as though they were occuring on the main display when using new Input System and adding an EventSystem on the scene. (UUM-47650)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed SaveToVectorImage() bounds wrongly calculated. (UUM-41589)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed setting variable makes position text fields disappear. (UUM-36708)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed StackOverflowException from EnumFlagsField when showing mixed values. (UUM-60654)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed USS alias variables are not displayed in the USS variable list. (UUM-60500)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed wrong clickCount during PointerDown when using InputSystemUIInputModule after clicking on another object. (UUM-57082)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed wrong help link for TextMeshPro Sprite Asset. (UUM-48801)

  • Universal RP: Add UI features to encourage the use of Rendering Layers in URP to control selective lighting, instead of using culling mask. The former works across Deferred, Forward and Forward+, while the latter only works with Forward. (UUM-64171)

  • Universal RP: Fixed an issue where using Alpha Clipped shaders and Depth Priming resulted in invisible objects. (UUM-64447)

  • Universal RP: Fixed incorrect alpha-clip behavior on transparent surfaces. (UUM-56601)

  • Universal RP: Fixed overlays not visible when using FXAA with Full Screen Pass Renderer Features set to "AfterRenderingPostProcessing". (UUM-57542)

  • Universal RP: Fixed the FinalPostPass executing before "AfterRenderingPostProcessing" instead of after it. (UUM-48857)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed "FormatException: The input is not a valid Base-64 string" is thrown when setting EditorUserBuildSettings.windowsDevicePortalUsername. (UUM-58808)

  • URP: Ensure motion vector depth buffer is valid for cameras with motion vectors enabled. (UUM-61466)

  • Video: Fixed a crash on BaseVideoTexture::InitVideoMemory when capturing Theta V's output texture. (UUM-60361)

  • WebGL: Update AudioClip.frequency to return the effective WebAudio AudioBuffer sampleRate value. (UUM-47637)

  • Windows: Fixed Double backslash becoming single backslash when passing a Network path as a command line argument. (UUM-55979)

Package changes in 2023.2.13f1

Packages updated

  • com.unity.mobile.notifications: 2.3.1 → 2.3.2

  • com.unity.netcode.gameobjects: 1.8.0 → 1.8.1


Third Party Notices

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