Unity 2017.4.30

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2017.4.30f1 Release Notes


  • XR: Added GPU Profiler support for Oculus Quest and Oculus Go.


  • Android: Enabled NEON in PhysX to fix performance regression. (1120019)

  • Asset Bundle: Fixed an issue where an "Inconsistent asset" error was logged during BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles. (1138140, 1139332)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed an error introduced that caused assets with identical names that come after scriptable objects to become unloadable. (1140186, 1156155)

  • Editor: Added validation of host local address on GET HTTP request. (1146895, 1152792)

  • Graphics: Fixed a bug in batch mode on DX11 where render targets would be kept bound. (1141782, 1160442)

  • Graphics: Fixed baked shadow angle not taken into account for indirect bounce. (1132238, 1133438)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed the behavior of bidning Unix socket on Posix platforms. (1150549, 1155418)

  • MacOS: Fixed the icon at 128x128 being corrupt in MacOS build. (1038984, 1133768)

  • Mobile: Fixed crash/data corruption when loading multiple asset bundles concurrently. (1140019, 1156210)

  • Shaders: Fixed runtime shader load performance regression by removing randomish up-front warmup of all subshaders. (1105268, 1117413)

  • Windows: When exiting fullscreen mode, the window will now be centered instead of put in the top left corner of the monitor. (1067817, 1155176)


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