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  • (1040282) - 2D - Fixed issue where the SpriteAtlas Inspector did not correctly update after calling SpriteAtlasExtensions.SetPlatformSetting.
  • (1037553) - 2D - Fixed issue where changes to the "Max Texture Size" and "Compression" settings in the Sprite Atlas weren't saved properly.
  • (1040280) - 2D - Fixed issue where SpriteAtlas packed Sprites did not render after SetPlatformSettings and PackAtlases.
  • (1046157) - 2D - Fixed issue where Sprite Renderer was rendering from the wrong Sprite Atlas with a duplicate name because of a late binding issue.
  • (1048645, 1041651) - Android - Fixed issue where instant app installs failed with the internal build system, because there was no APK Signature Scheme v2.
  • (1053353, 1041385) - Android - Unity no longer destroys Gradle Daemons after every build; it now destroys them on Editor exit.
  • (1053346, 1016755) - Android - Fixed an issue where Android Gradle builds failed when a custom template used double asterixes.
  • (1062024, 941276) - Android - Fixed an issue where multithreaded rendering became enabled when upgrading from 2017.1.
  • (1060076, 956425) - Android - Added a friendly user message when using JDK other than 8.
  • (1004980) - Asset Bundles - Fixed an issue where it was impossible to build Variants using the BuildPipeline API that takes an AssetBundleBuild array.
  • (1004980) - Build Pipeline - Fixed issue where variant bundles built via a build map show an error and have pink texture.
  • (1058139) - Editor - Added a 1px interior stroke to the color slider thumb, to improve visibility against the light background.
  • (1051179) - Editor - Fixed bug where opening the native color picker on macOS would immediately change a color field's value to the most recent color selected.
  • (1047812) - Editor - Fixed issue where Unity did not calculate GUI text width correctly when GUIStyle used Word Wrap.
  • (1063416, 1040256) - Editor - Fixed misplaced tooltip when moving UIElements position.
  • (1012892) - Editor - Appled fix to generate C# project and solution for all script editors when using Assets > Open C# Project menu.
  • (1037523) - Editor - Fixed issue with .sln project names not being unique.
  • (1047812) - Editor - Fixed issue where GUI text width was not calculated correctly when GUIStyle used Word Wrap.
  • (1032167) - Graphics - Fixed race condition when using Reflection probes extensively.
  • (1057610) - Graphics - Fixed bug where a color with a max RGB component of 1 was decomposed as if it were an HDR color with exposure.
  • (1047517) - Graphics - Fixed RenderTexture Assets using the default color format even when selecting a different format.
  • (1053308) - IL2CPP - Fixed managed debugger exception handling issue which threw an exception if the type for a catch handler was not specified.
  • (1056170) - IL2CPP - Applied fix to correctly treat the timeout value passed to Socket.Poll as microseconds, instead of milliseconds.
  • (1058474) - IL2CPP - Fixed [RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod] not working during certain player builds when managed code stripping occurs.
  • (1058475) - IL2CPP - Fixed [Preserve] not working during certain player builds when managed code stripping occurs.
  • (1044003) - Kernel - Fixed crash on shutdown when calling JobHandle.Complete() or Scheduling jobs during OnDisable during engine shutdown.
  • (1056554) - Kernel - Added missing information to Scripted Importers serialization. This fixes script change detection so that Unity can reimport Assets correctly.
  • (1056554) - Kernel - Fixed Unity crashing when trying to preview an Asset with scripted importers.
  • (1060093, 1056406) - Kernel - Fixed crash and modified behaviour when passing null to Transform.Find.
  • (1062524, 1049679) - Linux - Fixed keyboard input buffering at low framerates on Linux.
  • (None) - Mono - Removed the 32-bit slice from Mono, so that macOS App Store submissions are not rejected.
  • (1056126) - OSX - Fixed regression of Gamepads and Joysticks not working in Mac OSX Standalone player.
  • (769969) - OSX - Fixed issuewhere the Player configuration window would not open when you clicked its tray icon in OSX Dock panel.
  • (None) - Package Manager - Fixed an issue where upm.log (and UnityLog.txt on Mac) would get spammed when running offline search requests.
  • (None) - Package Manager - Fixed an issue where existing npm configuration files would interfere with the Package Manager. - (
  • (None) - Package Manager - Fixed an issue where HTTP requests from Unity to the local upm server would abort after 2 minutes.
  • (1061427) - Package Manager - Fixed issue where packages downloaded for one registry became available on all registries.
  • (1062050) - Particles - Added a warning message that appears when you assign a non-read/write Mesh to a Renderer that won't be shown.
  • (1062051, 1051205) - Particles - Fixed crash and added a warning message that appears when you assign a non-read/write Mesh to the Shape module.
  • (1043662) - Physics - Fixed crash when deactivating/re-activating a transform in RunTimeInitializeOnLoadMethod, if there is a Rigidbody attached.
  • (1030966) - Physics - Fixed a bug when WheelCollider.GetGroundHit causes crash at Scripting::ScriptingWrapperFor if WheelCollider is null.
  • (1061733, 1025263) - Physics - Fixed a performance regression when using continuous collision detection on kinematic Rigidbody components,
  • (1041208) - Physics - Fixed an issue where RaycastCommand would yield a wrong result if input ray direction was not normialized.
  • (1060013, 1050751) - Physics - Fixed an issue where a Collider's underlying PhysX Transfrom did not update correctly when reparenting.
  • (1064077) - Scriptable Build Pipeline - Fixed an issue where Unity was stripping precompiled assembly serialized data in the Scriptable Build Pipeline.
  • (1032183) - Scripting - Fixed issue where packages would sometimes not compile when starting the Editor with "Assembly has reference to non-existent assembly" .asmdef errors.
  • (None) - Services - Fixed an issue which inadvertently enabled Analytics when creating a new project.
  • (1044712) - Shaders - Fixed issue where Custom Surface Shader did not handle Shadow correctly when used from DrawMeshInstancedIndirect.
  • (1062117) - Timeline - Fixed Animation Track refresh when Avatar Masks are updated on override tracks.
  • (1046113) - VR - Updated copy of warning and log message when using Canvas screen space overlay render mode with VR enabled.
  • (1059945) - XR - Fixed issue where XR plug-ins delivered via the Package Manager (notably ARCore and ARKit) produced warnings in the console window regarding multiple GUIDs.
  • (None) - XR - Shifted Gear VR Touchpad Axes to 16 and 17 in for consistency with other platforms.
  • (None) - XR - Updated Resonance audio plugins to version 1.2.1. Fixed a meta file issue in OSX standalone builds.

Revision: 1431a7d2ced7


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