Unity 2017.4.40

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Known Issues in 2017.4.40f1

  • Asset Bundles: Loading.LockPersistentManager object lock impacts performance during AssetBundle.LoadAssetAsync operation (827299)

2017.4.40f1 Release Notes


  • AI: Fixed path-finding bug in which floating point errors would cause agents to take potentially large, spurious detours. (977653)

  • Graphics: Avoid rebinding the texture and polute state if the texture target is unknown. (1199990)

  • Graphics: Fixed issue with DX11 blit operations crashing when shader recompilation is triggered (1221358)

  • iOS: Fixed UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend is deprecated in iOS 13.

  • macOS: Fixed case where notarization would complain about mono being compiled with a older macOS SDk thus not allowing you to notarize your game.

  • macOS: Fixed issue where projects with UnityScript would not compile on macOS 10.15 (1191344)

  • Security: Fixed UNET vulnerabilities. (CVE-2020-12630) (CVE-2020-12631)


  • iOS: Changed builtin xib launch screens to storyboard

Third Party Notices

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