From DevOps to LiveOps in one platform

Explore Unity Gaming Services, backend and LiveOps services trusted by world-class studios to support multiplayer and live games at any scale, with any engine or tech stack.

A complete service ecosystem for live games

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Build your foundation
Create a reliable and scalable backend for your game.

Enable across-platform player sign-in and authentication system.

Get scalable and performant multiplayer game hosting.

Content management
Deploy and manage your game content.

Explore version control and build automation built for game development.

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Engage your players
Connect your players and optimize their gameplay experience.

Drive data-based decision making with analytics tools.

Player engagement
Optimize the player experience with experimentation and engagement tools.

Connect players and keep them safe with scalable voice and text chat.

Crash reporting
Improve game stability with crash reporting and investigation tools.

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Grow your game
Acquire new players, drive revenue, and publish your game.

Drive revenue with in-game ads.

User acquisition
Find the right users to grow your audience.

Ad mediation
Increase ad demand and generate more revenue from your game.

Turn your mobile game idea into a business.

Game economy
Design your in-game economy infrastructure and add in-app purchases.

Case studies

Powering live and multiplayer games with millions of players.

Unity Editor, Unity Gaming Services

Learn how Second Dinner built an end-to-end solution for content creation and delivery that scales to millions of players.

Voice and Text chat (Vivox)

After proven performance in League of Legends, Riot leveraged Voice and Text chat (Vivox) to give VALORANT players a strong voice.

Apex Legends
Game Server Hosting (Multiplay)

Learn how Respawn used Unity Gaming Services to scale Apex Legends from zero to 50 million players in under 24 days, peaking at over two million concurrent players.

Among Us
Game server hosting (Multiplay), Analytics

From multiplayer infrastructure to player insights, learn how Innersloth used Unity Gaming Services (UGS) to build and manage the most popular mobile game in the world.

Trusted by world-class studios

Respawn Entertainment
Riot Games
505 Games
Phoenix Labs
Wooga Games
Cherrypick Games

Ready for technical and creative challenges

Integrates seamlessly with other tools

Meet the creative vision for your game with flexible and extensible services that integrate with non-Unity engines and tech stacks.

The Unity ecosystem

Improve your workflows with services that provide a great developer experience when used with the Unity Editor.

Data-driven experimentation

Run data-driven experiments to get insights about your game and players so you can make more informed development decisions.

Safe and scalable multiplayer development

Host multiplayer games and connect millions of players with services that help make multiplatform and cross-platform game development attainable for teams of all sizes.

DevOps built for game development

Accelerate your team and automate their workflows with DevOps tools built specifically for the rigors of game development.

Grow your game into a business

Acquire players and build flexible monetization strategies that fit your game’s vision and style.

Use cases and documentation

Explore ways Unity Gaming Services can help you build and run your live game.

View documentation
Version control
Unity Version Control

Create more efficiently with a version control system designed to help programmers, artists, and designers overcome game development challenges.

Host games
Game Server Hosting | Matchmaker | Relay | Voice Chat | Text Chat

Build and run your multiplayer game with Unity tools, or pair our engine and services with other platforms to best suit your creative vision.

Build communities
Voice Chat | Text Chat | Leaderboards | Friends | UGC | Safe Voice

Keep your players coming back with community and social gaming services that drive player engagement across devices and platforms.

Deploy content
Addressables | Authentication | Cloud Content Delivery | Remote Config

Push content to millions of players, across platforms and at scale, without disrupting their gameplay experience.

Run A/B tests
Analytics | Authentication | Cloud Code | Cloud Save | Economy | Game Overrides | Remote Config

Make data-informed decisions and run experiments on player segments. Identify which variables have an impact on monetization, retention, and other key metrics.

Engage players
Cloud Code | Cloud Save | Economy | Game Overrides | Remote Config | Monetization

Increase engagement by building features that keep players coming back, and also align with your game’s unique creative style.

Find new users
Ad networks | Offerwall | Aura | Exchange | Luna

Find users who will engage for the long haul with Unity’s powerful mobile user acquisition solutions.

Drive revenue
Mediation | Ad networks | Offerwall | Exchange | Ad Quality | Analytics

Monetize your mobile game and drive ad revenue with advanced technology and a robust toolset.

Ready to build your live game?

Develop and launch for free. Get started now and only pay as your game grows.

Frequently asked questions

What game engines does Unity Gaming Services support?

With a couple of exceptions, you can use UGS with any game engine and any other technology stack to run your game. UGS is not limited to Unity Editor projects. Many of our current customers are using other game engines. Explore the documentation to learn how.

Can I mix and match different service providers when using Unity Gaming Services?

Yes, Unity Gaming Services are designed to be flexible, so you can use them in conjunction with services from other providers or in-house services.

How much do Unity Gaming Services cost?

Unity Gaming Services are free to integrate and start using, and have a scaling cost structure that means you only pay as your game grows. For more information on the pricing of specific services, please see the pricing page.

Can Unity Gaming Services support large scale games?

Yes, Unity Gaming Services already support games with millions of players. This platform is already used by studios like Respawn, Riot Games, Hi-Rez, Team17, and Innersloth.

Are Unity Gaming Services a good choice for indies?

UGS solutions can be used “out of the box” by developers who have less experience building live games. Larger studios, or teams that have more experience with backend development, can still customize implementations to meet their specific project needs.

How do I integrate Unity Gaming Services in my Unity project?

Integrating UGS into a Unity project usually involves just a few steps:

  1. Create a project in the Unity Dashboard
  2. Link your dashboard project to a Unity Editor project
  3. Install the UGS packages in the Unity Package Manager
  4. Initialize UGS in your game code

Learn about each step in the documentation.

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