Unity 5.2.0 Beta 2

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Windows (X86-64)

macOS (X86-64)

Known Issues

  • Connect: Need to have owner privilege to enable/disable Ads/Analytics
  • Connect: Error when enabling Ads if you are part of more than one organization, if you already have enabled ads for a project in different org
  • Connect: COPPA Lock visuals aren't updated on the Age Designation page if you don't switch to Setting page
  • WebGL: UI non-functional


  • Android: Audio - Enable OpenSL for devices that support FEATURE_AUDIO_LOW_LATENCY
  • Physics: Added parameter QueryTriggerInteraction to all physics queries (raycast, spherecast, overlap) to allow any query to override whether or not the query should hit Triggers.
  • Physics: Expose CharacterController.skinWidth parameter to scripts
  • Physics: Support scaling vehicles


  • IL2CPP: Make engine stripping in iOS/WebGL a separate setting (PlayerSettings.stripEngineCode) from mono stripping levels


  • Editor: Improved Export Package window (now uses a proper tree view)
  • Editor: Selection.selectionChange callback triggered when selection changes
  • Graphics: Added a quality setting 'Shadow near plane offset' to allow working around shadow pancaking artifacts
  • Graphics: Implemented object naming for D3D11, so textures will pick up the correct name in external graphics debuggers
  • iOS: Added onBannerFailedToLoad delegate to iOS.AdBannerView
  • WebGL: Resolution set in html file will no longer be overridden by PlayerSettings
  • Windows Store Apps: supported orientations are now populated to manifest


  • 2D: Apply active color space onto texture in sprite editor
  • 2D: Clear undos for SpriteEditorWindow when applying or window is closed. Also fix ClearUndo not working for ObjectUndo
  • 2D: Ensure SpriteEditorWindow has the correct texture importer reference when texture importer inspector is applying changes
  • 2D: Materials become transparent because of improper re-setting of material
  • 2D: Replaced assert with warning message to multiple materials in SpriteRenderer
  • 2D: Sprite Editor uses the actual image size for slicing operation. Force Sprite Editor preview to use mipmap if user machine does not support the image resolution
  • AssetBundle: Fix the crash when a scriptable object is referenced from the scene.
  • Connect: Move project and COPPA Lock are disabled when project is locked
  • Editor: Avoid division by zero in zero-sized SphereCollider
  • Editor: Avoid locking when framing terrain
  • Editor: Camera lock keeps working when dragging outside the scene view window
  • Editor: Fix MaterialEditor Shader Warning when importing a package
  • Editor: Scene view picking works when selection base object isn't under the mouse position
  • Editor: Terrain editor hotkeys no longer conflict with text field input
  • GI: Fixed crash in CreateSnapshotForReflectionProbe when trying to rebake reflection probes
  • Graphics: Added extra protection against depth buffer in editor windows being accidentally disabled
  • Graphics: Corrected the viewport used in the editor for image effects when forward rendering + AA
  • Graphics: Fixed a crash compressing an already compressed texture in script
  • Graphics: Fixed crash calling GetPixels with a 0x0 texture
  • Graphics: Fixed error messages with .triangles on empty meshes (coming to 5.1 too)
  • Graphics: Fixed Halo errors when they are on DontDestroyOnLoad objects
  • Graphics: Fixed Halo texture not being centered, causing half-texel clipping on top/right sides
  • Graphics: Fixed spamming error message importing an EXR file as sprite
  • Graphics: Fixed swizzling of BGRA32 texture data on D3D11 and Xbox360
  • Graphics: Fixed swizzling of BGRA32 texture data on OpenGL, OpenGL core and OpenGL ES
  • Graphics: When using COLORMASK and D3D9, the mask was not correctly set for MRT render targets
  • Il2CPP: Avoid boxing of value types during null checks in generic code
  • IL2CPP: Fix crash when using OnCollisionEnter with no parameters
  • IL2CPP: Handle 'void' type parameter.
  • IL2CPP: Handle invalid IL generated by UnityScript compiler for delegates.
  • IL2CPP: Prevent an intermittent crash on ARM64 when an live object is incorrectly reclaimed by the garbage collector.
  • IL2CPP: Throw exceptions when classes are stripped instead of crashing
  • iOS: Added Xcode 6.4 compatibility
  • iOS: Allow to append builds made with different scripting backend
  • iOS: Fixed command line build crash caused by trailing slash
  • iOS: Made sure WWW.bytes gets populated with response even in case of non-2xx status
  • Metal: Fixed shader translation of matrix+scalar, matrix-scalar, matrix/scalar operations (coming to 5.1 too)
  • Metal: Fixed some issues with shader translation of matrices with different precision (coming to 5.1 too)
  • Mono: Double traverse object count to avoid stack overflow when freeing huge amounts of objects.
  • Mono: Fix issue with Socket.Select never returning sockets ready for read on OSX
  • Mono: Fix Unity crash when detecting recursive type definition.
  • Mono: Fixed issue with default property values and object initializers
  • Mono: Fixed monotonic timer overflow to allow usage of timing functions like those in System.Threading with extended uptime
  • MonoDevelop: Fixed Unity crash when inspecting enum value in MonoDevelop debugger.
  • OpenGL core: Fixed crash when using -force-glcore on MacOSX where it's not yet supported
  • OpenGL core: Fixed Radeon HD 2000 - 4000 support
  • OpenGL core: Fixed Sandy Bridge crash, unsupported due to drivers issues, Unity will fallback to Direct3D.
  • OpenGL ES: Fixed Fire HD development player crash
  • OSX Editor: fix RunOpenPanel() with extension non-empty filter
  • Physics: Fix a crash in the HingeJoint when enabling a GameObject containing a HingeJoint where the Connected Body was disabled.
  • Physics: Fix an issue where OnTriggerStay would not be called on children in compound colliders.
  • Physics: Fix problems where QNaNs leaked out of the physics system when using infinites as limit parameters for the ConfigurableJoint.
  • Physics: Fix wheel collider applying the inertia tensor rotation the wrong way, cleaned up gizmo code
  • Physics: Fix WheelCollider not being able to ignore collisions with vehicle body colliders that were added to the already initialised vehicle
  • Physics: Make sure we update scene query flags for inserted wheels because otherwise we may end up colliding with the car's body
  • Physics: Report scene hierarchy path of Collider when setting a transform that contains non-finite numbers.
  • Physics: Update docs to mention the limitation on the maximum colliders per cloth instance
  • Script Editors: Generate and open solution when External Script Editor is set to Xamarin Studio.
  • Scripting: Fix potential crashes during domain reloads when user code throws NullReferenceException in AppDomain.DomainUnload / AppDomain.ProcessExit events
  • Serialization: Fixed incorrect clamping of LayerMask when set through SerializedProperty.intValue
  • WebGL: Fix iframe gaining focus when clicking on WebGL canvas
  • WebGL: Fix mouse button state after double clicks
  • WebGL: Fix standard shader usage in Safari
  • WebGL: Make AudioMixer work for controlling volume
  • WebGL: Normalize scroll wheel inputs to give more consistent results
  • Windows Phone: do not show Portrait Upside Down option in player settings (both 8.0 & 8.1)
  • Windows Store Apps: reduce extended splash screen blink

5.2-only Changes and Regression Fixes


  • Editor: Fix disabled items in color picker context menus
  • Editor: Fix TextField forcing cursor to be in view
  • Windows Phone 8: Can be built correctly again

Third Party Notices

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