Use cases

Utilizing player performance and tracking player behavior is vital to drive meaningful insights for the next phase of your game.

Get more from your data

After prioritizing the data that is most important to your business, you can use tools to help better analyze that data and view how it changes over time to make well informed decisions for your games.

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Running A/B tests for your game

Experimenting with custom audiences and running them against specific cohorts is just the beginning. Design and run tests from simple to complex, that help you get the insights you need to confidently drive game improvements that your players will love.

Personalize player engagement

Success is more than just users playing your game, it’s also how they engage with your content. The Audiences feature allows you to engage with segmented cohorts in a meaningful way. Take action with tailored content, dynamic gameplay, and optimized monetization strategies to keep players interested.

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caso de uso do analytics

Dynamic reporting and insights

Too much data can be difficult to digest. Track the key data for your game with custom audiences, events, and flexible reporting. Create dynamic reporting with SQL Data Explorer and data visualizations using Funnels, unique to your studio's needs.

Get started with Analytics today

Analytics enables studios to understand game performance and player behaviors. Capture insights quickly using prebuilt dashboards and visualizations powered by reliable, real-time data.

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