Authenticate your players for with either anonymous, platform-specific or custom sign-in solutions.

Keep up with players across multiple devices

Keep up with players across multiple devices

With so many apps working across multiple devices, you never know if a player will be logging in from their mobile, laptop, or tablet to play. 

By using Cloud Save with Authentication, you can enable players to sign in with various platform accounts, and make sure their progress is saved across their devices.

Form parties and lobbies in your multiplayer game

When creating a multiplayer game, you need to ensure your players can connect, socialize, and play together safely and enjoyably.

Use Lobby and Matchmaker with Authentication to allow your players to securely authenticate, connect, and communicate with each other with confidence.

Use Lobby and Matchmaker with Authentication

Economy and Authentification

Protect your game economy

Create a strong and secure game economy using Economy and IAP with Authentication. Set up authenticated sign-in in your game to associate unique tokens and an ID for each player that can’t be manipulated by anyone else.

Introducing Unity Player Accounts

Player Accounts is our Unity-branded player sign-in solution. It offers your players a secure, consistent, and seamless account experience. For example, Player Accounts has single sign-on (SSO) support so players can log in once and access all Player Accounts enabled games without reentering credentials.

Unlock cross-play friendly communication

Key benefits


Enable new users to create accounts in your game through multiple supported platforms, including Unity Player Accounts, Google Play Games, Apple, Facebook, Steam, and more.

If you have an existing identity solution, you can easily integrate your custom authentication system through our BYOI support.


Anonymous sign-in creates a new user for a game session without any input from the player. It's a quick way for them to get started with your game.


Unity Authentication easily integrates with multiple Unity Gaming Services products, including Analytics, Cloud Code, Cloud Save, Economy, Lobby, Matchmaker, Relay, Remote Config, and Vivox.

Resources to hit the ground running

A closer look at Game Backend

Focus on the business logic of your game, and take advantage of our expertise to manage backend infrastructure.

Nine use cases for Unity Game Backend

Building a backend to support your game systems isn’t easy, and you may not be able to build, host, and scale your own servers. Find out what our tools can do for you.

Try out our battle pass sample

The Unity Gaming Services use cases are a collection of samples that show you how to solve common development challenges. Read this article on our latest sample: The battle pass.

Build your game with Unity Gaming Services

Looking for an alternative to GameSparks? Unity Gaming Services has the battle-tested solutions you need to build, manage, and grow your game.

Learn more


Review the manual to help get Authentication up and running for your game.

Build your foundation

Explore our newest solutions for Game Backend, including Cloud Save, Cloud Code and Economy.

Engage your players

Perfect the player experience with targeted engagement using our latest Analytics and Player Engagement solutions.

Build the foundation for a great player experience

Start using Authentication and Player Accounts to create a seamless sign-in experience for your players by authenticating them and tracking their progress and purchases across devices through a secure sign-in system.

Frequently asked questions

Who is authentication for?

Authentication is for UGS game developers who require players to authenticate in their games.

Should I use Authentication or Player Accounts?

Choose Authentication when:

  • You already have a third party or custom identity solution and want to continue to use it with UGS.
  • You do not need an identity solution, but want to offer your players the ability to sign in either anonymously or with popular platforms (Google, Google Play Games, Apple, Apple Game Center, etc).

Choose Player Accounts when:

  • You want to have an identity solution that is cross-game and cross-publisher.
  • You want to offer email and password sign-in and sign-up capabilities.
How much does Authentication cost?

Authentication is a free product.

What are the two methods of signing in with Authentication?


  • Lowest friction sign-in method; this does not require the player to enter any credentials.
  • The player can continue with their progress on the same device. However, they will not be able to recover their account if the device is lost or if the game is uninstalled.

Recoverable identity providers:

  • Requires the players to authenticate through a third-party identity provider or custom identity solution.
  • Once the player is authenticated, their account becomes recoverable and they can login to the same account from another device 
What third-party identity providers are supported by Authentication?

Unity Authentication currently supports the following identity providers: Apple, Apple Game Center, Google Play, Facebook, Steam, Oculus (Meta Quest), Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox, OpenID Connect, and Unity Player Accounts.

What Unity services depend on Authentication?

The following requires Authentication: Cloud Save, Economy, Lobby, Relay, Matchmaker, Friends, UGC, Moderation*.

* Not available to the general public yet, still in development/beta 

These services are integrated but not required: Voice and Text Chat (Vivox), Analytics, Player Engagement.

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