Unity Asset Server 2.0 Released

Free Upgrade Adds Windows, Debian Support

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - December 22, 2009

Unity Technologies, the leading provider of multi-platform game development for Web, PC, Mac, Wii™ and iPhone, announced today the release of Unity Asset Server 2.0.

Unity Asset Server is a fully integrated version control solution for all Unity assets and scripts. Like everything else in Unity, it's simple to use. Version 2.0 of the Unity Asset Server brings it in line with client side improvements introduced in Unity 2.6 and adds Windows and Debian support to the existing OS X and Linux RPMs support.

This new release is $499 per seat. Existing Unity Asset Server client licensees can upgrade for free — the server itself is free to install. New licensees can take advantage of a 20 percent holiday discount until the end of the year.*

Unity Asset Server 2.0 adds the following major new features:

  • Support for hosting the server on Windows so that Windows customers no longer need to set up a Linux or Mac OS X machine for the sole purpose of hosting Unity Asset Server
  • An upgraded version of PostgreSQL which increases performance, security and stability
  • Reduced time to check-in large changesets when used in conjunction with Unity 2.6 or later
  • Tools to simplify backup and restore of Asset Server databases
  • Support for Debian-based Linux distributions

Unity Asset Server remains the best supported and easiest to use option for versioning and sharing Unity projects — even with the new support for external version control introduced in Unity 2.6.

Matthew Wegner, president of Flashbang Studios and a Unity Asset Server user remarked: "Unity Asset Server is a key piece of technology in our workflow. It provides per-asset source control inside of Unity which is absolutely required for larger projects with multiple team members."

There are four advantages to using the Unity Asset Server over external version control:- Unity Asset Server has a built in GUI for versioning assets, eliminating the need to drop into an external client to manage the assets- Unity Asset Server caches imported 3D models, removing the need to have the application in which the models are authored installed on all machines- Unity Asset Server is optimized to handle large binary assets whereas most external version control systems are focused around handling text source files and perform badly on large binary assets- Unity Asset Server takes care of managing all Unity metadata automatically

“Integration is the big reason you would use Unity Asset Server over other source control technologies,” continued Wegner. “It's just easier for non-technical members of the team to check in their stuff without teaching them other tools and workflow. It's less that can go wrong, and that’s the whole point of source control — to prevent bad things from happening.”

For more information about Unity Asset Server 2.0, visit: https://unity3d.com/unity/features/unity-asset-server

To get the free feature-packed Unity or to get a free 30 day evaluation of Unity Pro to create games and interactive visualizations for the Web, PC and Mac, go to https://unity3d.com/unity/download/

*20 Percent off until the end of 2009

Customers interested in getting 20 percent off of Unity Pro, Unity iPhone Basic, Unity iPhone Advanced or Unity Asset Server can take advantage of the 20 percent off holiday promotion being run by Unity Technologies until the end of the year by going to https://store.unity3d.com/ and entering Rebate Coupon: ENDOFYEAR2009

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